Wednesday, April 26, 2017

WEDDING GUEST INSPIRATIONS - Just when you thought that you have seen it all.

Some people will ask me, "Nenye what's the reason for the brides too many selections on a wedding plan?" and I will just smile and say, "It's once in a lifetime." You will only imagine the pains and great loss it would be to the couple if after all these stress and the wedding hits the rock. Even the guest gets heartbroken. Imagine traveling long distances to share in your joy. 

Wedding is a very serious business and that is why guest keep trying to look their best for friends, and as each week, months or year increases the wedding guest inspirations keep getting sleeker. Get awesome inspirations here for your next event, I bet you can never go wrong in any of these no matter what occasion it is. 
Slay next time you are going for an occasion by choosing a style game below.

Image Credits: Instagram 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Style Inspiration - It's strictly a gown affair for the boss chicks

Some thing happened for the first time while I was trying to find inspirations from the weekend. I noticed that the ladies relied mostly on gown and ditched the trousers, I could find some nice wears that includes trousers but they were few and so I decided to stick to the gown inspiration. 

Both the casual and formal gowns are wow! to behold, I didn't know what style to try first. Just draw from the well of fashion awesomeness and pick a style. Both the Ankara, sample materials and lace made it to the A-list of this weekend selection. 
Enjoy my fellow beauties and pick a style;you can never go wrong in any of these once you put your frame into consideration first. 

For me, the casual gowns are the bomb, I won't thread anything for these loose,  smart and simple outfit. 

Image Credits: Instagram
         YouTube screens hots. 

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