Monday, October 24, 2016

Ankara Style Inspiration From Over The Weekend Prt3

Wow!  I can't get over these Ankara inspiration, they are so dope and inspiring. The best solution is to bookmark this post. There are a lot of styles I would love to try out personally and think you will feel the same way too.  Fast forward to the style game; we gave a combination of print mixtures, afrocentric and dope tailor-made.  

Be inspired. 

The conclusion of the whole matter is that men were included in today's post, I am glad of the duo combinations and the adorable kids. I hope you like the post. 

Image Credits: Nenyechi 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Endless Love: Adaugo Offomah and Tochukwu Agbo Received Their Nuptial Blessings.

October 2016 ushered these lovebirds into an everlasting love, we could see right into their eyes that they were meant to be.  After what seems like a learning process in friendship, Adaugo and Tochukwu invited friends and we'll wishers to share in their joy of unionship; right in the heart of the Eastern city of Nigeria; Enugu.


We just love the simplicity of this shots.


Isn't this lovely? 


Congratulations Proverbs 31

Congrats to Ada  and Tochukwu (Lee boos) May God's grace never cease from your home and may every blessing that comes with unionship never elude you.


Image Credits: Adaugo  Offomah

Remember to send your pictures to if you wish to share your joy with us.

Say a prayer.

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