Sunday, January 26, 2014


 Remember the days it took days to reach those fellows
And how the days were reduced to hours
Suddenly, an hour became too long...until
You can get them from the distance on the instance
Technology shrunk space and castrated time

But it has also shrunk something of great value
Its genius recreates human features-voices and pictures
It gathers men and flung them like embers from the bellow
Now we talk often but seldom see
Maybe there is no need to see when gadgets can do it all

It has reduced kin's ties to wires and palm affairs
Now it has frozen and muted our voices
Reduced cherished contacts to symbols and smileys
We've stop visiting, soon to stop talking
We will be unseen, deaf and dumb to one another

Smileys and symbols are the sound of our thumb-turned-tongue
Ask why we do not value ourselves again
Human mental alienation at snail's pace
Has turned to physical incarceration
It brings us together from far and wide
But widens the gulf and kills the essence of togetherness

From visit link ring me...NOW! Ping me!
What next will you do to me? Fing me?!
Or ting me? not sink me...
But, what will halt humanity from sinking further
The joyous abyss of crass earthly senselessness

OJERINDE, Olatunde A.

 I will love to say the poem is self explanatory and our writer Olatunde is of a sad note on how technology has alienated man from each other, we are close only with technology which may ruin us soon. I love this piece.
What about you? fix your opinion y commenting on this post.

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 Happy Monday and bye to too much relaxation, it's work time. I love you all.

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Change..........................

  For a change am proposing uncommon colour combinations in our dress sense, I stumbled on this clothes combinations and I decided to share with you.

Let's choose this styles for a change.

a different colour mix suit

flowered top on a patterned pants

orange and purple

lemon or yellow and gold

orange, pink and milk colour

Good morning and have a happy weekend. TGIF

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Nigerians say no to Gay Relationship

Na wa O, sotey dem don dey get blogsites. Here is a letter from an anonymous to all naija people, "he" wants you to say no to gay things.

It viral on BBM sha.
You asked us to wear coat under hot sun, we did!You said we should speak your language, we obediently dump ours!You asked us to tie a rope round our necks like goats, we obeyed!You said our ladies should wear dead people's hair instead of the natural ones God gave to them, they obeyed, You said our decent gals should wear catapults instead of the conventional pants, they obeyed!Now u want our men to sleep with fellow men AND women with fellow women so that God would visit us like Sodom and Gomorrah!Oyinbo, we say tufiakwa! If you like keep your aids(assistance). As Nigerians we say NO to GAY relationships and GAY Marriage>=) re-BC if you can(God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve) ! :( >:O

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Menopause at Teen

The wind- gentle no more,
The storm- rages.
An excess to the left,
Forced from the right,
Makes the center barren.
The scale cries of imbalance,
Pendulum swings out of rhythm.

From innocent green to orphaned brown;
The leaf withers.
From eye-storming zinc to brown-rusted roof;
The edifice leaks.
A transition- of age and defeated seasons.

The pierced iroko tree,
Sheds gummy liquid.
Turbulent defection- season of indictment.
Mountain's edges crack-
The dropping pebbles ache.
The peacock's intestine twists;
Tangled in anguish.

Climax; claustrophobia thus trends
Avalanche of anxiety occlude realities.
Can someone find me?
A soldier ant at Mecca- for pilgrimage or what?
No cause for control,
Everything is under alarm.

Bello I.O

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I love you all. Happy saturday.    

Friday, January 17, 2014

Am So Sure of This!

You know I've been in love for so many times, I have loved you since birth because you are sweet, nothing tastes and feel like you and I never knew all these while that you can cure me too. Hmm........... 

 Fridays are usually wonderful no matter how some people will condemn it. It's a privilege to be here again to share my little knowledge with you on beauty.

For those of us that are tired of pimples even in the Harmattan or your face is just rough, and if your face is smooth, you can still add shines to it. I've got a solution to your problem. Am so sure of this! Yea! I don't have a before and after picture but it can transform your face like this;

Guess what?
At the rate of my ten naira I can defeat dermatologist and beautician to have my perfect face. And........................
Wow! It's Just Sugar

Soak one spoonful in a little container, leave for about five minutes and then apply on face. Usually morning and night, wash after morning chores and at night before sleep.

For me I like my sugar rough because it serves as a scrub for me and I enjoy this job. One week is okay to get your rightful face if you do it constantly.

Men feel beauty products are feminine and so shy away from buying them from stores. So now I need a kiss for this because it's not gender inclined, kitchen has it and status can't prevent you either. It's a unisex thing.

Give your face a perfect glow for the weekend, I tried it and am so sure of this! And guess what? An old woman told me this #shines teeth#. No side effect warning and no keeping out of children, it ain't inflamable and it's too cheap. Nothing taste like sugar.

I love you guys, TGIF

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Better life (Umu Malaysia)

  Please I found a new discovery on how to make quick money and I saw it in Malaysia. Let's start with, I met two different guys from different states and ethnicity, both were hustling young men tired of Naija's frustrations, they wore an everyday frown for suffering and always prayed for survival, day passed and strength failed them. Lot of us have lost the zeal and ambitions we normally have before reality strikes, telling us that life don't only exist in our dreams. So what was I saying? Ehen! About Malaysia. This guys finally source and got some manageable cash and decided not to waste it on Nigerian soul, found a new life through visa to Malaysia and ........

Despite the discrimination and torturing of black men in Malaysia. Black men in malaysia are been maltreated and given unfair judgment by this Malaysian government and nothing is been done to help by our so called Ambassadors - Sad

Blacks are been deported in Malaysia  

But still......


It's not even over a year now and I see the new them (guys) on permed jerry curled short fashionable hair do, a must wear one earring(stud), most appearance on specks and smiles instead of frowned faces, "Dem don make am" #whispers#


How? - most of them say they sell phones, how can a phone business get a little beginner money for #a house #cars #golds #name it. Na so dem take dey make am?

When? - When did they make it cos it's just a year interval. Was it when # the president of malaysia requested for phones for all the #Senators in Malaysia and parliaments? Or the world President gave phone dealers money to add to their phone business.

So? - You got to be kidding me with this information, how plausible can this story be? Why stay in Naija and suffer while a place like Malaysia exist? I rather hustle for money and start a Malaysian life, my parents and well wishers sha needs smiles on their faces too.

   Truth Be Told

Money don't come this easy, you have to work hard and it starts little by little. If all the Igbo Malaysian guys can make money this fast, then there is something fishy I don't want to be part of. Let's all go to Malaysia and start a good life dear readers.
 Brain drain everywhere, Nigerians keep traveling for a better life. How long do we have to find contentment in a foreign land even when we have all it takes. Life out there is not as rosy as it seems. Naija government should help her youths. School abroad, live abroad yet a Nigerian.

Good Morning Fellas, It's Nenye chi's thoughts.
 Happy Day to you all.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Please Say Yes!

Usually as we all know fridays are Crafts & Beauty days in preparation for next week and events on *Do Something New. Today I choose dressings, especially for the lower part of the body where we feel anything simple can go, I need a change in look and I think simple dressers like me do too.

Am tired of constantly wearing plain coloured skirts and trousers. Here is my proposition for a change, especially to busy ones who want to change their looks, both He/Shes, let's be bold enough to try this out. Say Yes to this!


*Stripes *Checks *Florals *Podka dots

Good morning loved ones, TGIF
   Credits; Everyday Fashion and Nenyechi

You're my resting place *Stay with me

Let's move us forward for 2014

I have never been so sure of what am about to tell ya this day. I screamed for three good nights craving for what makes me happy, I savored for every damn thing I thought I should have missed until I saw ya all in my dreams. You missed me and so do I. Remember we are family and we belong together, just right here.

So yesterday I had this Beyonce and Solange thing "inspiration" and guess you want to try it out. Ever wondered why some peoples grace are higher than another? Specifically I have slept and woken up on this thoughts for years and I did decide to share it now.

How can people be together in a circle and not gain same satisfaction? Beyonce and Solange are two sis sharing same dream, Solange has tried music, modeling yet no fame, everything we know about her comes from her sisters glory and she is still tagged a "wanna be", Most sisters and friends don't just want to live their lives, they want to be a living shadow, and am breaking the egg yokes this morning. Here are other examples of beyonce and Solange peers.  

Tuface is a Beyonce in the midst of Plantashun boys 
Genny and Omosexy for the females in Nollywood

Linda Ikeji for naija bloggers.
Add caption

The worst is that most Beyonce gifted souls just come into the picture and take over. You know we are family? I want us all as Beyonces because it's possible, stay with me while we make a way, you know it's still new year right?.

          A Solange
Hustler - Keeps trying to be something out of a picture visioned, you don't have to invent, you just follow the trend. Am so sorry for using the above names, it's just that it's applicable in almost every environment.

      How to Be a Beyonce

*Creative - There is no Dangote without creativity, you just have to think out of the box and manufacture new things in a special concept, the way my listed few does, every Bey is hard working and we see it in their products.

* Mind Your Business - Often times we fail pocknosing, it's rather better to concentrate in our little endeavors and find focus instead of finding faults and reasons for stagnancy, if you watch a Solange, they keep trying every damn thing, Jack of many trades. No wonder Plantashun boys kept mourning about the theft of African queen and am sure that's not all our 2baba can offer.

*Find and Leave Your Backward Circles - If you stay with unfavorable people in an unfavorable condition you aught to find a better life, take the risk of going Solo, like Bey and Tuface did, Genny and Mercy did too. We have to leave our beginning and face what we sight (opportunities).

*Restrategize - Yea, restrategizing on how we run things, most of our human examples restrategized, Bey became a little wild, Iyanya went for a favorable song pattern. while we keep lavishing in satisfying ourselves, a Bey want to draw people along with her so that she doesn't go astray for personal passion sake, we have to love our cause and people we are fighting for.

*Be Natural - Natural in the sense that your new achievements don't change you, you don't change your image for fame sake, you remain as you are cos that's who we already know. It makes me wonder how 2baba or Bey will ever go wrong.

*Don't leave me out of the picture - Remember I sha gave you the advise, a Bey don't bite the finger that fed it. Try to always remember that I exist, welcome to a Bey life.

Love you on a thursday, Isn't that great to know? #kisses# and Good day Blog Family.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kunabara 4 (Ebele)

If you missed the previous one click here

      Kunabara! Kunabara!
      Kunabara! Kunabara!

So I thought, of the children and my pains when mama crossed passed me with a scornful disdern, I wondered what is going on in the mind of an old woman, yet my pain increased for shame as I watched the tin latern burn with flames of encouragements but the way it burnt was how my hurt burnt with pains, I sit on my raffia mat in an earthen cool room, my room smelt of damp yet I smelt tomorrows scorn and shame, who will tell that a little lass defeated me, who will hiss and who will laugh? I freeze when thunder struck, with the wish that it stocked me with it, knowing fully my shame and stance during dawn, then it rained outside and on my eyes. I screamed in pains because, "I hate pain Ebele!" Then the raindrops intensified and I thought of her still, calm in her mothers bosom, sleeping peacefully like a saint and I also wondered what young souls do become at birth. Shame is for the matured, Ebele defeated me.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A fun tutorial for Fabric Scraps Necklace.

 Culled from,
The Creative Blog

Dear friends, I feel you should like this, to replace Ankara accessories since we can't all make it, enjoy and applaud if need be. Thanks for reading and Good morning.  

   Emily from 52 Mantels today, shares a tutorial for an easy (we’re talking under 30 minutes, easy) bracelet, made with fabric scraps!  This is the perfect New Year accessory…for you or for a friend. Wouldn’t this be a sweet handmade gift?!

Awhile back, I used this same technique to make fabric charm necklaces. I love my necklaces so much, I decided to make a bracelet with a stack of pretty fabrics scraps from my stash - Emily. 
(Yes, I have lots of fabric scraps!)
Fabric Scrap Bracelet {Tutorial}

Supplies / Materials :
*Bracelet with bezels
*Pretty fabric scraps

Step 1) Take a piece of cardstock and make a template for the inside of the bezels.

Step 2) Trace the template onto the back of your fabric scraps.

Step 3) Cut out your fabric squares

Step 4) Place a square of fabric into each bezel and cover it completely with dimensional magic.
Let it dry for at least 3 hours! And, then wear it with a cute summer maxi dress and some fun sandals. 

You can also use this same technique on charm necklaces!

If you try this easy, 30 minute craft project, let me know! I’d love to see your spin on it.

New Year Resolutions for Him and Her #Facts#

  Dear Boo, you see it's 2nd of January and God has made us see today, I honestly wish that your soul prospereth in a godly way. I have surrendered for heavens sake, a wonderful relationship should also have a new year resolution.

Dear readers, you know I've been acting good these days, it's because of new year, I want us to come out clean, can we talk now? Cause I want you to have new year resolutions with just your boo, you know what I mean. 

So below are the new year resolutions for him and her after consulting the different parties, they came up with this for 2014, Enjoy.

               From Him
*Shape - Dear chicks make sure, you are in good shape, you know 2014 is gonna be a hot year, if you slack, we will dump you so start the work outs and be presentable whenever we want to take you out, we don't want to be staring at a guys chick because you failed to keep fit, we want you perfect.

*Responsibility - Dear chicks, your boo said you should find something doing, we don't want you to be begging for every damn thing, we aren't your dad, we can give when we are suppose to, we want a responsible you for 2014, take care of us too.

*Faithfulness - We don't want you cheating in coded ways anymore, girls seem so faithful but with many cockroaches in their pocket, they do it so perfectly, the way a guy will never dream of, dear ladies just be faithful in 2014, help our life.

*No Nags - We don't want you barking like a dog, we ain't thieves, learn to be calm in situations, and package your self control, failure to do this may warrant break ups, we don't wanna marry a dog, we need good examples for our daughters.

*No Restaurant - Don't come forming burty for us, you should improve your cooking skills, We don't want to go to restaurants every time we want good food. Dudes are tired of Indomie noodles.

*No Braz - We want you natural this year, improve your natural hair and face, let's see your natural self and be happy, we are tired of artificial things, and we ain't buying brazilian, peruvian, meditarian and chinese hair for you any longer, stick to braids and shuku, let's know where your problem and mentality is coming from.

*Fashion - We saw a lot of drag-queens last year, ones in rags and panties, don't tell me you have a plan for nudity and madness, we don't want that for 2014, you are pardoned for last year, just watch it, bros are tired of heart breaking fashion and cloned sis, make ups ain't by force too.

             From Her
*Unfulfilled Promises - Dear partners, we want you to accomplish all the promises you've made to us, the ones you made when you were drunk and excited to when you were normal, last year promises have to be over before we can fully start up something for 2014.

*Taking Responsibilities - Agreed you aren't our fathers, but hustling to be loved by a babe is a responsibility on its own, if you can't take care of us, then quit and wait for an independent woman in 2095, when some of us are willing to adjust. "No pain bro, no gain" - Anonymous.

tinubu caught staring

*Undivided Attention - We want your attention for 2014, we don't need a polygamist, stay faithful and don't return late claiming you had a hangout with the guys, you should end your day by at least 9:00 unless you want us to hang out with the girls too.

*Shape - Few guys are conscious of their shape while woman struggle to keep fit. Dear men, this is 21st century, what appeals to you also appeals to us, watch your shape too or see us watch another.

I am just a messenger, don't crucify me, you can fix your resolution for your boo by commenting.
Happy New year loved ones, 2014 is gonna be awesome here, remember fridays are for craft, learn creative things only on Do Something New.
          One love.

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The 2019 general election is fast approaching and it just two hundred and ninety something days to go and we have almost 80percent of unemp...