Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What's Wrong?

     Biafrain Passport

I wonder what's happening in Naija, why does Ndigbo want to break out of Nigeria when things are getting better?   Will this struggle for the Soveriegn State of Biafra ever end?

Nenyechi wants to know your views on this.
Good day.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

KUNABARA iii (Ebele)

Missed the last one? read here http://nenyechi.blogspot.com/2013/12/kunabara-2-ebele.html?m=1

  Kunabara! Kunabara!
  Kunabara! Kunabara! Claps and thunder struct together with intensity, for the heating chants. 

Thoughts wiped off my one possession, "my self" as reasoning gave ears to drum beats and chants, sudden splash for passion ruined me, it had all been a fight against laziness. I had been this gone, when I kept dancing with the new kids, screaming and becoming fierce in action, we soon formed our own circle, underneath this palm tree. Ebele was sweating and the children made it untiresome, Kunabara it has been, since a common song took over sluggishness, for when mama had hit me with a broom stick, reality came calling, I realized I had been here for ages but Ebele was far gone in the real world, I, only me danced with an unknown being in a dazed kingdom.

Her broom beats formed lines on my shoulders and caused pains as sweat touch and cleanse the new wound. It may not disappear, and the pain made me cry. Ebele the little "She Devil" has caused this! I called her name first, but Ebele isn't here, mama had laughed at my foolish matured self and Ebele's absence was clear. She had done it again, taking revenge with ease, and conjuring my being to unexplainable sufferings in her realm. 

The children had gone to bed while my mortal soul had wandered in penury and pains from a witch.
 Ebele! Ebele! Ebele! The wicked infant soul that gave me torture for the crowd, has reduced me to nothing, only in a bid to save her lazy being. I don't know if I will ever start Kunabara! Anymore.

But, "It is a chant I already have started", so I thought moving into our hut to rest, then I see the creatured witch sleeping peacefully in her mothers bossom, her mother caressing her monster child, her sight did hurt me but she couldn't be touched, for fear of the unknown. Soon she (her mother) do be the next to leave earth when her cup is filled.
      Kunabara! Kunabara! Kunabara! Is all I heard even when my knees could not carry my tired self, I heard them the children chant it in my neighborhood, with light lit in-between their seated circle, I only remembered a smile when the earth saved my knees. It has become the children's chant, and I promised my tired self a revenge through Kunabara! For only here Ebele do meet her doom. It became a battle for us.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Nenyechi

From the Harmattan Haze
Came December
A time we all yearn for
Maybe not for Xmas but
A new year

Then I see the screams 
And jubilation for December
A fun time

I yearned so much for a time like this
Days saw days
And then weeks
I savored this birth and day

Then the silent nights
Brought burning Candles for reflection
I remembered 
That the day is not mine but Christ
Finally! It's Xmas
And I wish you love
For the time shared
And encouragements
We have been through it all
And now to celebrate.
Nenyechi wishes you the best of Xmas
Remain safe for me
I love you all.
From me to you

Monday, December 23, 2013

One day to Xmas, my thoughts

I just picked a few area of concentration for Xmas though, I want it different, after all Senator David Mark had Christmas dinner with Corp Members in his Villa yesterday. It's something new, so here is my area of concentration.

As I lay me down, thinking of tomorrow, December 25, Xmas! I begin to wonder it's splendor, the fuss about a rowdy market and hustling families trying to make a way for themselves, many did die for this cause, lesser road accidents to God's glory, and I remember the reason for the season is specifically LOVE, it got me wondering if we actually do that. Let the needy see the season, don't have fun alone, forget the HAVES and face the HAVE NOT for if God have not given us what we never had, our doom do smell like odour.

Dear young ladies, desist from too many make ups it's Xmas and not carnival, Harmattan already provided the powder, let's not look cloned tomorrow.

Remember to be simple and smart, Xmas meal has refused to grace my nostrils, and if you have got a younger sis, a teenage soul, take her out, don't let a friend get her preg for Xmas. Below is my last Xmas story, Enjoy the feel of what it tastes like, having to feel your innocent ones pain.

       Tims Story
In the midst of a maddening crowd lay Tim on the floor fighting for freedom, the dust has made her earthern and her tears in the soil had formed a clay, with her mothers hand at Akimbo and a Cain at the ladies hand,who had already beaten her mercilessly, what happened to Tim is a normal story, but people in the neighboring houses saw it all. It only took young men's strength to stop the angry mother.

Nothing looked like a being inside of her, or besides Tim is too young to become a mother, all we saw and felt is a crying child, the innocent lass has wondered how life do become a mockery on her part, a once happy child, reduced to nothing by a mere sperm, she had been a quiet being and no attention seeker, a little moment of excitement for penny and Tim lost it all, all for the celebration. He had sworn he knew nothing about it, leaving the tears to become even heavier, at this time, the crowd had embarked on a doubtful journey, "it isn't Tim" everyone told another in doubt that such a beloved soul could hurt herself. Everyone knew it should be him, for it was him who gave her comfort in a brotherly stead, we all waited for time to confirm our doubts.

  Tim called us out in one beckon, every one moved with accurate marching speed trying to feel the words of a pained soldier, yet with no protruding belly, she stood in her decorated dusty being, a girl of 16, worth all the grace of a woman, we all waited for her story, but all I heard was a cryful "sorry!" It came from Tim, it happened with a sharp speed, and her mother had sighed and frown at the lost sheep, it took time for her words to sink inside our ears, then came tears, all on our faces, each soul wept in abandonment, knowing it is the handiwork of God yet in a painful form. I felt for the young mother who will now cater for two when no man lived to support. "It's a mistake" the people said leaving Tim once again to her lonely shattered self. She looked on her mother who had mattered so much to her, and had wondered the aftermath.

Please I know it's Xmas already don't condemn me for this story, I just wanted to remind you of that lonely soul living around your crib, don't let them molest her, there are Tims in our areas, it's Xmas again, show her love.
      Love you all and good morning.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Is Your Partner Positive?

Started Akara business, needed some little money for Xmas clothe, please forgive me for not posting on Saturday and Sunday, blame it on me, am so sorry, will do my best these few days of the month, am sorry. But please this is whispering, don't tell my friends I sold Akara O biko.

I decided to treat about positivity because it is Xmas season, here many differences take place in relationships and we have to tackle this issue together, just bring me home if you find me going astray. For every pain you have taken, I want to cut it off you, so positivity here means maturity. Is your partner positive? I am not talking about HIV/AIDS, no! I shouldn't be talking about that, honestly I wish no soul a sad news, am talking about tha real version of the term, POSITIVE.

 I have a school mama who once told me, "Nenye, you are a ware I showcase in the market for the highest bidder" It's not like I want you to be marketed, but experience has taught me what you may never know in years to come. So my loved one didn't want me to make her mistakes. So I told her everything about me until one day I had called with excitement dancing in my belly, then everybody wanted to know if I will ever date, I told her I've gotten a lover, read her questions here:

*Is he a student? #yes
*Handsome? #yes
*What age? #27
*Is he on BBM? #yea
*What's his pm like? #Ha! Mumsi, which kan question be this, he writes, "Are U a learner?
*Is he Igbo? #Yes

Lol! My school mama just started laughing, babe! Babe! Babe! Babe, abeg abeg drop him, you don't need that kinda guy, am not sure he is positive, he is just passing time with you and he is Igbo for that matter.

For some time though, I kept wondering what she meant, I didn't know why she wanted him out, he is like the best thing that happened to me, days grew into months and I discovered everything she said were just truth, they ain't leading you anywhere so for the sake of safety drop that guy when he says,

*If you get preg don't you know what to do?
*Are you a baby?
*Am not comfortable visiting.
*He doesn't know any member of your family but just you.

And most importantly when his pm reads,

*"Are you a learners"

"Give your girlfriend a bible for Xmas after all it's Jesus birthday"


* "There will always be a girl hotter than your girl and a guy richer than your guy"

What! Did he just say that for people to read and think other girls are hotter than I am? Ha! He failed! The fact is there ain't no guy hotter than mine, nor a girl hotter than me. If your spouse ever got that on their pm, dump him/her. It means they don't know what a wonderful being you are, their direction is always on the street hunting for someone better, that is if they ever find. Mtschew!

Track your partners with their PMs, it ain't no joke, serious minded people don't put just anything on their PMs, unless both of you gat mentals, and the conclusion of the whole matter is that if your spouse fix titles before their names on social networks like, doc Moses, Engr Audu, musician keke etc, then it's a NA, babes and bros run for your life because ego is riding them, we all have got titles, why don't we all fix it, it's not a sign of good relationship, unless the page is for business purposes. Dear loved ones, you may think am a Jonser, am for real, don't mess yourself up. Dump every bad pm this Xmas and find a greater bro or babe in 2014, always read your partners PM updates, it shows what they are, if they are negative or positive displays just over there, don't be scared, stay healthy. Sorry about yesterday, no light 4 my corner.

         Good morning.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

| Scarf Many Ways - It's 5days to Xmas

Shirley teaches on how to rock your headscarf in many ways this season, Enjoy your Xmas looks sweet ladies.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Perfect Reasons to marry only during December Season. Yea! six days to Xmas!

 I sit down imagining myself on my wedding day, a well polished bride, smelling good, makeup perfect, with golds all around my accessories, then am taking a wine to my hubby who is busy smiling and licking his lips in anticipation, pikin can't wait for the wine, I reach to him, bends and hands over the drink as a typical Igbo belle, then he collects, about to drink, we both turn confused, no cheers from friends and well wishers so it made me start crying. Though this isn't reality, it may happen, I don't want it for me and you either. It is just a chip, relax and see better reasons why you should marry during Xmas period.

*Pre-wedding Shoot - It won't cost you anything since you are using the Xmas theme, both of you become Santa creatively, you sha know nobody has that theme. It's perfect just visit people or company Xmas trees and take your shots as you don't need much for that except strolling with the photo man, who knows if there may be bonanza for pictures, every soul will tag it, "lovely".

*Aso-ebi - No one will be able to give you reasons why dey can't join, they should have saved enough money for your wedding by now, and money for Christmas too, besides, they should use the money for their Xmas and New year wears to get powerful aso-ebi wears and shoes. 

*Gifts - Every adult have people to cater for during Xmas, either in form of bag of rice or wrappers. Tell them you are wedding and have finished all you have. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows wedding cost much, they will understand and know this year Xmas gifts has been made for wedding because even if you wed November, they will still demand for Xmas presents. 

*IV - No need for invites, people are free and will always come since it's holiday, oral broadcast will do or better still send a #1500 customized SMS to five hundred people, that is if you need too many quests. People contact each other during Xmas so it won't be stressful. For special guest a bottle of wine each will do and the wedding Invitation is over, least I forget, if you are not into friends, you don't attend peoples wedding, save yours for Xmas because even uninvited quest will come to pass time in your hall.

*Transport - Village or township, you know where your friends are. If venue is the Villa, sure they will all travel for Xmas, so your wedding ain't causing the traveling expenses because it's already in their budget to go home for Xmas.

*Food - Remember the bags of rice you buy for some old women during Xmas, it's suspended, you just use all the food stuffs and ingredients to make the food for the day. They will understand besides you have enough people to cook the food if you don't want to contract it, we are at your service, rice, beans, native soups, who makes it better than your friends and relative? Caterers na #wash#. 

*Suit/Gown - Does it mean you don't give yourself treats during the festive season? Additional Kobo to make it Suit or wedding gown won't change anything.

*Hall - There is always a decorated used hall, you do just ask the decorator to leave it that way, add some little notes to their palms, no need washing the materials, only sweeping will do and if people complain the seats clothes are dirty, no need to worry, just tell them it's Harmattan, a season for dust. Some of your guests may even come dusty.

*Drinks - LMAO Just take the money you spend during hangouts with the guys throughout December and see if guests won't drink to stupor. If you want an excuse for your drinking mates, tell them the wedding is taking your time. Remember that when you are broke they won't contribute.

              Finally, Guess What?

*Bonanza! - Yea! Xmas is Bonanza season, there is always a percentage discount in almost everything including salt. Your hall will have discount, even makeup and gifts for quests, whether your quest are satisfied or not, they won't complain because there is always some other place to visit for an occasion, same day, any time.

The fact remains that if you want to save cost, the time to marry is December. There will always be balance for Actual cost and reasonable guests.
           Love you all.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A never thought about Awesome gifts for him/her this Xmas (Sentimental).

What Should You Get dear?

The answer is here! I know it's been giving you problems trying to get them something awesome. I also became angry when it went viral that guys have been advising themselves to give their "her" a bible, who told you she doesn't have one? That's a gift every mama gives their child while leaving home. Meanwhile, Xmas gift is not just for the Christians, it's a break from work too. Don't be stingy, save your relationships with the below advise on that awesome gift you do give, that will make your partner (dating/married) feel wow! :O.

                        For HER

*Get her a makeup box - Although this doesn't go with all women but majority will love it, you know your her na?

*A Teddy and a Card - Use ribbon to merge both together, an awesome teddy and a wow! Card is just so perfect, you know some babes are babies #winks#.

*Perfume - With a feminine sexy presence.

*Fabrics - Now that Ankara is trending, every1 wants to try out new styles, laziness or time may not give her the opportunity to get it but presenting a nice print will keep her going.

*Money - Women love good cash though, this is applicable when you don't know what to get, just make sure it's meaningful especially to a babe who can't always summon the courage to beg, she is just being nice. Fact is every babe desire money whether independent or not.

* Car/House - She will go crazy with this but that is if you can afford it.

*Engagement Ring

It determines how you desire her, it's the best gift ever, after all the struggles you have been through, tell her you want it forever! Wait #pause# I heard something? Who says a married woman doesn't need an engagement ring? Of course she does for re-assurance, find a name for the ring, maybe ( for anniversary or renewal of friendship) she will love it. But it depends on if you truely want it, avoid yourself the embarrassment if you aren't sure of your relationship.
      For HIM
* A boxer - A boxer will do, don't waste all your income, you don't have to do much in order to please him and besides, guys love boxers.

*Good Drink - Guys love drinks, especially a known name.

*Pen/ Jotter - If he is a businessman, they often don't have this, tell him your desire for him not to be losing informations, he will buy you a kiss for that and Xmas is over.

*Pillow/Cases - This is a substitute for the teddy just with an additional jara (Cases for both bed and pillow) choose nice colours, Oh! I just remembered that the Cases will substitute for the Ankara, unless you are generous enough to still include a print. While you are hugging your teddy, it is also expected he hugs his pillow too.

*Shirt - Look for a good nice shirt that match with his frame, don't get a body fitted one to make him ill with his big tummy, consider his physique. Guys you have to kiss me for this.

*A Suit - A well tailored suit is perfect or an awesome designers, Chick in this category know what I mean. Add a nice suit for his good outings.

*Powder/Good Toiletries - I decided to add this because most men don't really send their face, they just use anything, dear ladies please help maintain his skin to meet their actual complexions. Remember soon you may always be moving together.

*A Perfume - Just get a nice one.

*Footwear - If he is into shoes get him a palm slippers, and if he is into palms, make it a shoe atleast substitute for a change in appearances.

 Using the above parameters to judge, you will see I love guys, reason is because men love too many things. Settle your loved one this Christmas. I don't advise girls to get him a Car/House, that is their responsibility and what if he breaks up with you after Xmas after sighting a village belle. Save your heart and your money girls, whatever will be, will be and don't go blaming me for the after result, this is just an advise to my loved ones..

                    Good Morning Fellas.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Fine Arts

Happy Tailor-Made Tuesday dear pals, good morning.

One often finds as one gets older,free from the constraints of child-care, that our actual inclinations draws us to be self -centered that often in the long run leaves us isolated, it suddenly dawns on us that unless we are communicative,we are alone.

 The ultimate humiliation is to be abandoned in a party, with a lame excuse or pretense of having to refresh their drinks. Word of advice, if this ever happens to you, never stay back and wait if need be.

Follow the person as if you came to a joint decision to refresh your drinks, then fade into the crowd later, because trust me, once people realize you have been abandoned, it's like having a communicable disease, nobody would ever want to enter into a conversation with you again. In the 19th century, william glad stone was running against Benjamin Disreali to be prime minister of britain.

A young lady happened to dine on consecutive evenings with each man and the press asked what impressions the candidates had made. She said "after dining with Mr. Glad Stone, I thought he was the cleverest person in England" but after dining with Mr. Disreali, "I thought I was the cleverest person in England" can you guess who won the election? Once you focus your attention away from yourself on to someone else, by asking questions and listening intently to the answers, you will become an intriguing conversationist. By Nailcolour

Back to School, The Strike is Over!


Academic Staff Union of Universities,(ASUU), has suspend its five months-old strike. The Union arrived at the latest decision to suspends its strike after a marathon meeting held at the Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna, Niger State on Monday.

After a protracted debate, the Federal Government and ASUU reached a compromise during a negotiation brokered by the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar few days ago.

Today ASUU held a decider NEC meeting in Minna, Niger state which led to the end of the strike. ASUU demands in the new MOU has shown enough good faith for the union to suspend the strike. Culled from Osun defender.

Stop a little and give. your brain a little tease

 On bended knees
 Saving my tummy
 from your penetration
 I dodged to save me from
 Your anger!
 What have man done to you?

 You come always @ this time
 With an unknown anger
 Slapping each roofs and
 Flogging each tree

 You roar with a whirlwind
 And cause dryness to mankind
 You rule the dust
 All racing from the northern wind

 You imprison us
 And make morning a nightmare
 Everything becomes new and
 Unusual to us

 What has man done to you?
 Is it a curse of old
 Have mercy
 For you have broken my innocent

 A little calmness will do
 Treat man with fairness
 Shake not the building
 And make man a loved one.

Question of the day, who is the writer referring to?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Monday! View updates

  Hurray! Our blog is two weeks old.

I started blogging when BBM was given to i-fone and Techno users, it hurt me so much that I had sacrificed  my final year school fees for a BB, now my enemies spoilt my show, what shall I do? I found solace in blogging so my old friends can always meet me here. That why I titled it Do Something New.

 I appreciate the growth and encouragements, I wouldn't be here if not for you all, so I promise to be creative with posts.

 Below are the program schedule for each day;

*Monday is for inspirations.
*Tuesday - freestyle.
*Wednesday - freestyle.
*Thursday - freestyle.
*Friday is for Crafts.
*Saturday - Pidgin language.
*Sunday - pidgin and Kunabara and reviews.

Don't forget to send your thought to chinenyenwobu@yahoo.com, to help others read your views. In case we aren't satisfied with the arrangements, just let me know, I always want to guarantee your reading satisfaction, so why am I here if not for you? And I also want to reduce the BCs, just come over to read here.
There is now provision for you to subscribe for updates and click on post credibility on my web version.
    Have a wonderful monday, Enjoy the Harmattan breeze and cold, it broke my knees.

                         #kisses from Nenye#

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Scary to think that many perverts & child molesters are gonna dress like Santa just to have kids on their laps

 Lol! But not funny #straightface# my friend Hydia just brought my thoughts to this and it got me thinking that ya all needs to know, it's a fact and good English doesn't matter when you are pissed with this kinda fin. Personally I express my anger better this way.

Still on Xmas things sha but something NEW about it, our teachers, Uncles and guardian in different spheres of life have been wonderful, but they have extents to which they should rest. Why will they take responsibility in school, church and Xmas too? Doing Santa costumes displays and all what not, you can just do the Santa thing yourself or better still with your wifey, forming two Santa beings at home instead of the pains of taking your kids to see Santa who may be devilish in inclination.

This year witnessed a lot of rape and assault cases, who told ya dey've repented? Many Santas are coming up, just for your kids. I know. They don't wanna be caught raping them in uncompleted buildings or in secret places, they want the molestation act clean, can't you see they are fed up of matured lady and that children are their only prey? You know they wanted to make it legal but Stella Damascus refused, all those times, when the matter dey hot, I been wan tell Una O but fear no gree me. Now my enemies wan use Xmas make am 4 shildren dem bori (body in accent). Save the children cos you should know that by sending them for treats from one Santa arm to another to fancy their beards costumes and little gifts, you may be sending your little ones in the arms of predators (pedophiles).

 What in the blazes of hell is wrong with our guardians? Who for ANY reason would protect someone who is in ANY manner sexually exploiting a minor? The pedophiles do.

 Don't say I didn't tell ya when she returns limping or feeling funny instead of being in a jubilant mood, whether mister Santa is old or young doesn't matter, they come in different shapes and sizes, in lust for innocent angels to exploit, they are always praying you are far away from the events so they can take their time in romancing your baby, pedophiles derive pleasure in this things, it's like their curse from Satan, they can't be cured, it's like someone who is addicted to drugs but theirs is exploiting kids. So it's either you become the Santa or if they won't appreciate your creative efforts, just hold her to see Santa yourself and then you ask her, " Baby, have you seen Santa now?", she says, "yes! with joy" and you repeat, "Are you sure?" Pointing very well to make sure she is not confusing the room to mean Santa, lol! Let her take her time and when she nods this time with a "yes", then watch her take the gift and vamooze, remember that it's not their fault if they are abused, they know nothing, so just be watchful because some men of these days are unpredictable especially the trusted ones. That's why they are called pedophiles, JUST WATCH YA KID. Xmas has now become just kids events, please spare the little time for Santa. Not like am beefing them sha, am just scared they don't hurt my angels, let the Santa stuff be watched so it will be easier for me to drop my kids by and feel safe. I don't want to stand all these stress for external factors trying to hurt my future kids. Help me fight them now, I have no time for this future stress.

   Merry Xmas in advance and remember to watch your kids for me #kiss#.

Friday, December 13, 2013




While the world and celebrities kept taking promo pictures for Xmas (no name mentioned), A wow humble Lawyer turned film maker, director and writer, OBI EMELONYE decides to make a video with family. If you don't know him, then you are not into great cinema movies in Nollywood and the world at large. He took the world by storm first with THE MIRROR BOY, LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA and then this year with ONYE OZI, if you didn't watch them then you are missing, try and do so before the year runs out.
  I love this family. Wow kids

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Start the Morning with just fitness

  Any need for exercise?

 For now we are all just fit, but what about tomorrow, thought they say that, "the journey of a thousand mile begins with a step". Let's burn the fat before it will get to a level we can no longer control. For those of us who think we aren't fat, let's keep fit then. Because some time ago, I usually woke up tired with waist pain and broken bones not that I was fat, I lost fitness. I took drugs and all what not, but the feelings still remained until I day I just woke and decided to do a little room exercise, it had to do with stretching the body, we call it, "Gym Gym the body or I balance well". Lo! and behold my body came to normal, halleluyah!. Am not an expert on health issues sha but experience is the best tutor. Morning exercise is just the best.

 Exercises are not only necessary for a healthy body, but also for a healthy mind. The fresh air in the morning fills up the lungs, which is helpful in keeping the person going all through the day. Not getting enough sleep can actually slow down your metabolism and cause your body to store fat, undoing the good you're doing by making time to work out.

 I am only a messenger, but if you can have a little walk or jogs, and stretchings like lazy me, you will see a sound you, no time for exercise is too small, because of work you can decide to make it five to twenty minutes.
                          Goodmorning Pals & Happy Weekend (TGIF).

Michelle Obama Gives Ladies A Useful Lesson On How To Guard Their Men (In Pictures)

We spotted this story on Naije and had to share it..lol.
  .  .  Am not sure if the events unfolded like this, but this is pretty hilarious! Nelson Mandela’s memorial service saw a hundred presidents around  the globe head to South Africa to take part in this historical event. Among them was our president Uhuru Kenyatta who was well applauded by the crowd upon introduction. Being a great event, many activities were taking place, paparazzi were on their toes to capture every moment, some of which have come in handy, like U.S.A first lady showing the ladies how to guard their men. Check out the step by step pictorial guide below:

1. Watch him closely to see how he relates..

2. Make sure to read his every move..

3. Sound your warning and leave him and the enemy in shock..

4. If he gets the hint let him be in peace..

5. But if he forgets the rules as fast..

6. Let him enjoy the final moments then strike..

7. Occupy your rightful position..

8. Problem solved and everyone is happy..

women be careful of your fcial expressions, LMAO, couldn't watch it alone had to share the fun.

Kunabara 2 (Ebele)

 If you missed the part one read 4rm the previous  kunabara  posts. http://nenyechi.blogspot.com/2013/11/kunabara-kunabara-kunabara-with-kids-is.html?m=1

       Kunabara! Kunabara!
       Kunabara! Kunabara!
            The children sing with claps oozing like thunder, the children danced in a joyful mood to the rhythm of this play song all in intensity, making a circular move around our palm tree as if it were another festival, our palm tree, an old wretched mother with a shrunken skin, dried like a Chameleon flesh, it's as old as our ancestors but still had a little hair-like features in newly forming branches. I watched as it danced to the goon-goon bottle beat of the children, sometimes it whispered to me, "Nenye, old souls need children's joy to re-energize them" lol. The palm old tree, is situated amongst the seven well built earthen huts that made up my extended family.

 Ebele the lazy girl, sat again underneath the palm tree as if she were oblivious of the events taking place around her, whispers had tagged her an, "evil spirit" for she often did the opposite of what her mates did and found pleasure in loneliness, often talking to herself. She could see things inside the huts while under this palm tree and she concealed secrets too, her mother already gave up on her when she believed Ebele must have killed her father, but as little as she was, even with her wealth of laziness, every walking soul dreads her paths. Her life may have been buried underneath this palm tree as it has always been her favourite spot.

 I dropped my teachers bag in front of her with anger, tired from work and famished, I wished to wipe her but I dare not scream at her for fear of the unknown, but being a sight nuisance pissed the hell out of me, I watched helplessly at her as she soon discovers me. First our both sights ran questions at each other but she soon cut it off, "Modern Anty!" She calls with selfishness and excitement running through her, she drags me to herself with an unknown energy, " Come let's play our own Kunabara, just the two of us". This time I followed her in confusion or better still like a moron, clapping her own Kunabara song. "And if I could get the energy part of her,I could also get the hidden part of her mysteries" but I didn't think aloud, for the fear that she may understand and withdraw from me, Our own Kunabara intensified as I start getting into the unconscious world and I didn't mind the other kids songs and clapping as it keeps fading in my ears, I prayed with a doubting hope that Ebele ain't taking me to the spiritual world.

Note- I decided to write this because of how you guys loved the first story. To share your thought on our blog, email, chinenyenwobu@yahoo.com don't forget to invite your friends to visit this page. Love you guys for your zeal and encouragements.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Glutton (gl^tn)

 I watched as the sins of the father
 Melted the child from birth
 The treasures of the lost beings
 Still remains unfound
 And pains slew you
 When your mouth kept sealed.

 Wave your flags they told you
 On an empty stomach
 Under the raging sun
 In a painful nation
 And they watch you
 Under the shield
 Waving to their melodious journey

 Your fathers left you
 For peanuts
 And offered their future for penury
 Because they were too blind to see the future
 A messiah they thought
 They had

 And they laugh
 The children
 The innocent suffering creations
 For the cheats they are yet to notice
 And scorn the parents
 For secrets they may never know

 Save the flag
 Use it to quench your taste
 Leave the sun and
 Cling to her bossom
 A land should never let
 Evil rule her
 Gluttony is a curse.


   Don't just read and walk away ( drop a comment).

What is applicable in Arabia may not go with Anambra state (personal thoughts). This is due to the fact that the people aren't the same, the weather and soil types may differ, though they are both humans but reality and environment made it plain that everything is not the same #painful truth#.

  I sit inside the Vehicle traversing Lafia to Keffi (Nassarawa State) on the 10th of December 2013, watching keenly as they demolish front shops in each building, the government wants a double lane, so they said, some shops still remains untouched, they rendered shop owners useless, I watched some of the strong ones pick remnant from the debris of their loss.

    Since Fashola and El-rufai turned Lagos and Abuja into "Mega Cities", every damn state followed suit, even with daring moves. What more can I say, virtually all states in Nigeria no longer tolerate bikes (Okada), even without a satisfactory means of transportation. Soon villagers may lack transport means, especially those who can't afford to pay for Taxi, no means to go to farm either, poor men will have no place to live and life also will become unbearable for even the rich (man can't live without the other).

  I don't know America too well, but I believe they should at least have villages. Don't get me wrong, Am not saying developing Nigeria is bad, but many things needs to be addressed first. Develop our mind set! Our Educational standards! Develop good jobs for the youths and watch other things come to play perfectly. what is the need for development if it's not for easy living? "Mega Cities" becomes useless without "Mega People". What's the need of fixing a pig in a five star hotel when we know it will soon lose it's beauty. Let's stop copying every damn white moves and face our own kind of development, Remember, "What goes for Obi may not suit Ada even with it's wonders". I rest my case. Lol! I no dey vex O, just a thought, #runs#

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A New Dawn


    Surprised I made it a tailor made Wednesday instead of Tuesday? Yea! Blame it on alcohol #winks#.

   After the monday stress, it's obvious our tuesday will be joyful but nay, a little bit of intensity and adaptation for the week, who knows what today holds? It's still morning of a new dawn, every thing we hope for can be achieved within a twinkle of the little stars at early dawn.

  Can't write something long for now, am on a journey to the moon, see ya when I get there. Let's go there! We can make it only if you wake now and face today, don't be a lazy bag.

   Good morning and Happy Wednesday lovely peeps, wake and face the adventures of today, I've got loads of thoughts to share, so sorry my server decided to misbehave yesterday, on behalf of me and my server, "We are so sorry". Thanks for your understanding.

  Tara for now lovely peeps.

Monday, December 9, 2013


  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  LIFE!


   Why did I decide to write this today? Lol! I have been watching a man fall, no fade, no go down, whichever way I assume you all understand what am saying #tongues out#. I won't call anybody's name for now till we get to the end of the story.
     Accept it or not people will definitely hate you for one thing or the other, either you are more successful than they are or you have a mannerism they can't cope with. It's not possible to be accepted by all no matter how we try, but often times, people don't show hate to an extent, it may be hidden except you have crossed the highest boundary and they can't take it any longer.

  The hate am talking about is non of the above, this particular hate makes people go mental,and wonder what they have done. Wrong, that's the hate that this young man is passing through, it is called transferred aggression, that's what Kanye is experiencing for deciding to spend his life with a woman the world has labeled "BAD" they don't want anything they like to be associated with her, but Kanye dissed all for love. Can I say the people are showing their anger? 

   According to fox News;
  Is it a "Kardashian kurse" or is Kanye West losing his cool all on his own? In any case, popularity problems seem to be plaguing the once untouchable rap sensation.
West’s performance this week brought just 4,500 people to the Sprint Center, a venue built for 19,000, meaning less than 24 percent of seats were occupied. He has had to cancel several other shows throughout his nationwide tour and drew criticism when he stopped a Florida concert after only three songs and demanded the lights be turned off before launching a profanity-laced rant at the tech staff and storming off the stage.
So is West’s egotistical, bizarre behavior finally taking its toll on fans?

 People agreed that his current behavior is as a result of dwelling with Kimye. He hasn't been this way before, personally, we all have our flaws, "but Kanye's flaw came all of a sudden" heard?, that's what you get when people hate your companion, fans has left him too, and a threat went to Beyonatu never to attend her wedding hmm! All this hate for a woman who knows less haters, she has fallen and picked her little self even if the world choose to crucify her. Whichever way, I hope he recovers very soon from his "M land" before he loose it all and end in the rehab, I feel for my brother though.
 Finally, we all have gone through this experience but ours may not be this tensed, watch it! people may hate you because of your companion and you may never know untill you search very well. I wish him quick recovery before the world runs out of him.

    Love you all#Kisses#.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


     WHAT'S  UP?




   When we ever fail in trying to get to an expected life destination, we call it fall. It's like a little baby trying to walk the first time. Then at times we've start achieving, only to find out the lapses on the journey so far and we become scared to forge ahead and if we do, we may fall again. Watch the little boy above, only God knows how many times he fell trying to walk, at times he comes up clean and at other times dirty and injured, his mother will scream and hold her heart in horror, but can't stop him because at this stage he actually should walk, after much rise and falls, he walks slowly and then perfectly and even will run.

    This instance is a perfect example of every beginning, monday, new month, new year, new phases and even our ambitions. We should bear in mind that we may fall trying to walk, friends will discourage you for one fall, leave the fall, concentrate on the target and when we start walking or running, nobody not even friends may remember your falls.
    It's monday! Rise from bed and don't let sunday deceive you because it's a new day, new week and new goal, take your bath, just two slice of bread will do and then let's get going to meet our target, remember to forget the falls, forge ahead and start working, Oya hanlele! 

     Love you pals and wish you a successful week ahead.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


            THE MAN DIED AND LEFT A god

  Please forgive me, I don't know what to do, don't deny me the love I feel 4 you, I've been away for some time now and exam caused it, am also sorry for the lack of information, (I slacked).
      And who says, "I don't love Mandela"
A man who both great and mighty mourns for, even though I can never be him or even be his repetition in history, I count it all as joy to see the world appreciate a HERO. A man who risked twenty seven years of pleasure to save his country (South Africa), SHALL HE BE LIKENED TO CHRIST? When he says;
           &nbsp. ;During my lifetime I have dedicated my life to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to see realized. But, My Lord, if it needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.

      He promised to die for a cause too, he is a god, a great hero, revolutionalist, and a change maker. Even if time did not allow it be, deep in my heart and in the examination hall, I thought Madiba, I envied his face on people's display picture and wished I ever met him, seeing great musicians like Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston, the king and queen of Pop music (both late) feel him in photographs (intimacy) made it even more touching, Mandela! Your struggles made you IMMORTAL (an everlasting god). And you completed this speech as the first President of South Africa by saying;

     "Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world.
"The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement
"Let freedom reign. God bless Africa."

   God bless your soul god Mandela, I remember Brenda Fassie on this date and wished she were alive to sing the freedom song and refresh your thoughts amongst us. Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Our Freedom.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013




    What if
    The shadow comes falling
    And shatters the move
    And the waves cry a while
    For the dead man's soul

    What if
    He descends for this only journey
    And sees it almost existing
    While the weather made it whither

    What if
     He holds the little banner
     Wishing it had a liquor
     To change his fears
     For all the stains soon showed
     And all the gains left ha!
     To show the debris of dreams
     What if
     The dream dies?
     And leaves a wandering 
     Soul shattered
     And all men helpless
     For this chest that
     Gave breath suck
     What if 
     I told you
     That this only
     Was mere thought that,
     We always should reflect on



    Tuesday 3 December 2013 CHIMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE


    Our modern voice for literature, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has made it again as one of the best fictional authors for 2013 http://www.theguardian.com/books/2013/dec/03/best-fiction-2013?CMP=fb_gu. The art representative both in imagination and appearance has paved a way for her undoubted creative prowess in this present generation, a well deserved honour for hard work, Purple Hibiscus and especially Half of a Yellow Sun explains it all that creativity always is creating form especially from an unexpected angle. We look forward to more of her fictional stories, Bravo!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013



   Many gist on ASUU and the federal government got me thinking again, It's either ASUU or the federal government are in a state of confusion. http://www.vanguardngr.com/2013/12/met-asuu-demands-fg/ 
  We did all think that by this time, the second semesters should be over even as a result of the ASUU strike but contrary to this, ASUU still held to their cross of sanitation, in making sure there is a near or perfect environment for students to learn, but it soon became obvious that ASUU lost it maybe, they lost it to greed of always wanting to be treated very importantly like people in the senate house, or they lost it to the fact that they know how corrupt our system is, the government has been promising and failing, any attempt of going back to school may make the government back out of responsibilities. I see ASUU and the federal government as a married couple, the government the husband and ASUU one of it's wife, where the husband has too many women in possession and decides to abandon but fails to forget her children are the special once, maybe. Remembers and decides to take responsibilities, she gets angry and decides that he meets a particular demand to win their love back, he may not love her but may strive to favour her because of tomorrows gains, the Nigerian Universities are not the only ones facing lapses, every damn government environment notice neglect and betrayal just like a man's wives and mistresses except for the special one, maybe the central bank who he can't do without.
   My thought is strictly on the University system, as many lectures and school authorities are fed up of the on-going strike, ranging from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), Enugu State University of Technology (ESUT) and few others who keeps receiving threats from ASUU, the truth remains that most lectures are missing their pupil, they can't stand not reading, not researching, not seeing young faces, and not sleeping with the young girls possibly especially not impacting knowledge, they are addicted to this routines, born for knowledge, you can't ask a hard worker to just sit and watch with good health when he knows that he can deliver, whichever way, we know it is for the children's good, some have thought of what becomes of the youths tomorrow, some good eggs still struggle for justice, even as the system keeps crumbling.  
   Is it that this few Universities are the bad eggs in ASUU, or there is something they aren't telling us, or should we call it a regional division? Whatever it seems, let ASUU tell us what remains the problem! Enough of waiting to get back to the classroom! Enough of going back to school without the zeal to learn because of frustrations, enough of stagnancy in our educational system, who is suffering this neglects? The youth, the next generation, our leaders and lecturers may not live forever, who will take over with poor or no educational background, what happens to the world when they leave? Or has selfishness made it so impossible for reason to stand?
  We see confusion in ASUU, Newspapers keep feeding us with updates, what remains in us? Like the "weight man" will always ask in Igbo language, "Mara ihe foro gi na'ime" dear Nigeria, know what remains in you so both father and children may not crumble together as, "Troy passed away in one funeral gleam" Rose of the World (William B. Yeats)

Laugh it all the way!.............................

   Laugh it all the way!.....

     U  gladdened my soul when fears gave me        terror
    And touched my heart to see if my being is complete, When agony  seems to make a  mess of me.
Have I told you that you are my medicine to all ailments?     When pain threatens your being
     When your shadows sees hurt
When my being craves for a saviour, then I breath laughter and have calmness It has been my medicine. Let's embrace laughter and give our being a glow.

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