Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to Speak Well

There is nothing as estactic as speaking really well, it's a charisma of a sort. Speaking well betters your life but can only marr it by increasing your cost in the public market. It doesn't come with applause alone, its benefits is endless.

I have had so many enemies because of English, they think it's wrong that you speak good English, only the good ones encourage you by saying, "I love the way you speak."

I will want to teach you on steps to take at becoming good with English language. It sounds crazy abi? But then I want to upgrade you and better your English chances. You never know what position one may find him/herself in future and so, come and get laid on my blog buddies. Instead of letting you guys crucify me, I rather will show you the way! Hahahahahaha!.......................................


When I was little, I was privileged to be with good elderly ones who forced me to learn spellings and dictation, if you fail heh? Ask my elder bro for the repercussions. That was the first time, the fear of failing to spell correctly and its aftermath made me triumph. Church was cool, often times we had white teachers teach songs and all. That was then, long long ago, when things were neat and even, so don't blame me next time is you don't understand what I say, I only learnt pidgin English for survival, so learning from the foundation is ultimate.


When I got to secondary school, my seat mate then was Onyi-child, we wanted to be best with the language thing, our teacher forced us to rhyme words that are synonymous with each other like; Hatchet, Matchet, Rocket, Bucket, Hacket, Market, Docket. Imagine pronouncing the words in rhymes, my dear, your accent will be dope. Many a time we had to find new vocabularies that sounds funny eg incommunicado, mesmerizing, chubby etc. Sometimes Onyi, I thank God for knowing you.


I try listening to BBC and that Eye witness News presenter on NTA. Stop following those who make jest of speakers instead of trying, always try new environment, make friends with good speakers and help your English.


This one am about to write sha, I didn't do it. LMAO. Instead of playing games with my phone, I play voices, I will record my words and listen to it. I have seen Jecin do that in school but I did mine long ago. You may laugh at me, but then am tryna help your life.


Buy Phonetic dictionary to help you pronounce well. You can't speak well without reading well.


Lastly never be ashamed, sometimes I think I should change how I speak, but it's really natural, I don't have to convince anyone am for real, I just ignore and have my life back. It's complicated to show them or make them feel you are not fake, direct them here so they can improve.

Find other tips yourself and move on with me buddies.

I love you all.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bag Wish list.

I wasn't into bags of any sort until after my tertiary education, to be honest with you, after few months of my bagging journey; I am now a bag crush. I don't know what these bags products are, I just love them. Join my wish list and tell me your bag crush. Happy Monday!

culled from

i love black

i mean blacks!

Have a lovely day ahead.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hair Fire!

 What will you try next......... It's Xmas

Can you imagine a complete fashion statement without a hair? Certainly no! It crowns it all. Today am proposing a colour hair trend you may have missed.

As the season is almost here with a force, am proposing cool hair styles of colour, honestly, if you missed the colour trend, you can rock one or two before the year runs out. What's your flavour.

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pink by bibeyonce

red by nadia

red by stephnie coker

black  and grey fire by jj

blue and black fire by jj

Hope you like this post. Happy Sunday

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