Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fitness and Beauty.

Good morning lovely souls, how was your nights? Wondering where I got my germinal idea today?

Someone called last night and said, "Hey! Nenye, am wedding in two months time, what cream do you recommend for my skin and face?"

My answer definitely is Fruits and exercise, "Don't let creams burn you and ruin your BIG DAY. I can't afford to see a masquerade in place of a bride because most Spas now no dey try, even Salons nowadays naa Spa, so no risk am."

Question: Did they really. Ask her that?
Answer: Yes bad belle dem ask me #tonguesout# Am progressing.

I have found a secret to a glowing skin and beautiful face. You may do skin polishing and all, but then you are not there if it doesn't come from within.

After exercise, you feel fresh and at ease, but that is not the end. The end is on your skin. Am also not saying that every fresh skin comes with exercise, but exercise opens your pores and removes buried dirts outside your flesh, thereby making you clean and fresh.

So when next you want to think of buying creams and soap for God ever knows thousands, hit a gym and help your skin. When ever you are fit, you get less pimples, finer face and shape. I am also not saying that fitness has to do with a LEKPA shape.

Mind also that without a fit body, your fashion sense may not make sense.

So what else do you think can give her a glowing skin? Please advice by commenting here and not BBM. Thanks.

Happy tailor-made Wednesday, TARA for now. Good Morning.

Do it Yourself. (Makeup tutorial).

As I keep progressing in the art of makeup, some of my friends and readers still will love to progress with me, so I did this post titled, "Do it yourself picture tutorials," it's still holiday, enjoy.

If your makeup artist disappoints you, if your makeup artist ends up worst than you are, if you don't have money to pay an artist and you still want to look good on a special day, learn now.

I know some are permanently tight fisted and can't spare their money for makeup because of their financial constraints. Who no like better thing? So here is the A-Z basic facial makeup tutorials. Enjoy.

basic brow and eyeshadow

facial contouring and powder

Use the small brush to apply concealer or foundation to any blemishes. Start in the middle of the blemish and feather out the concealer to blend with skin tone.
Pick up a small amount of loose powder in the large brush. Gently flick the brush all over the face to give an even tone all over. Don't forget the neck. Doris Onyema.
Apply a small amount of lip balm to the lips with your finger.

Though you may be able to do it, but if you need a special touch or different look, call Nenyechi or any other makeup person for your sleek look. This tutorial is only for emergency.

I Love You All, TADA! And enjoy your muslim break. Do it and send my your pictures, winner will get the secret price.

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