Wednesday, July 16, 2014

How to CREATIVELY get a woman of your dream.

Babes don't worry, I am not stealing your shine, I want them bold and capable.

It's Nenyechi once again, and I want you to do it right once in a your lifetime, in case you have tried to get a chick and they ain't responding, this is the craft and tricks to get one.
You don't need chyking skills, just copy Angur's skill and you are good to go.


Hope you gained 4rm my post, I love you guys to leave you lonely #Mua!# #kisses# Nice day dearies.

Courtesy, Angur a lonely creative guy. #winks#

Monday, July 14, 2014

The creativeness of Ankara #Modern Period#.

 From good expensive to even hundred naira *yes hundred naira* you can get an Ankara material. But there is a big problem dear, what do we transform it to? 

If you are a guy, you have no problem because Yomi Black, Mai Atafo, Emmy Collins and even your backyard tailors are good enough. They just give you a perfect touch. Men's wear are just easy, simple and wow!

But if you are a lady, complexity will show, *too many is always a confusion* ad mist this problem of confusion in style decisions and tailoring, good fashion designers/tailors will make a difference.

Help me view and appreciate modern trends and creativeness of a modern day worldwide Ankara inventions and choose your fave. No more Fish Skirts.

To Make a Fashion Statement.

For Multi- Purpose

Whatever made rivals rock the same wear is Ankara or water.  I can imagine the excitement or by force And-coism. *lol*  

For Creative + Photo Shoot

For Beach Wears

For Party Looks.

For the Stylish Man.

My sis says she is disappointed that Ankara's manipulation is facing a negative style impression, I can't rock some though because am decent enough but they are all beautiful. What's your take? Share your thoughts.

I love you all, happy tailor-made Tuesday!

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