Friday, May 25, 2018

On Election and PVC in the SOUTH EAST - HELP!

The 2019 general election is fast approaching and it just two hundred and ninety something days to go and we have almost 80percent of unemployed youths in Nigeria and even the 18percent of the employed 20percent are frustrated and unsatisfied with their works. we hope to vote for a capable candidate that have the affairs of people at heart especially the Nigerian economy.  The youths have watched tirelessly as to hoew irrelevant the government has thought her to be. many a time, even the government bodies pronounce negative utterances about its youths and the pains therefore continues to intensify. Everybody knows how much of work and recognition the Nigerian youths have experienced worldwide even in a staggering and unconducive society. The entertainment and scientific sector can boast of this but you can obviously see her lapses in the political circle. youths are beginning to be active in politics even to the extent of creating a political party but one wonders if really these new parties and youthful candidates obviously have the interest of the masses at heart are are just parading themselves also for personal interests.

The youths have been generally advised to get their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) so as to be able to work together and vote in someone they think will move the country forward but as this exercise is going on, the PVC lapses in the South East can be as frustrating as anything.

When I went to the nearby local government area to renew my venue because of relocation, I stood on the queue for days because the officially would be obviously exhausted for the day and have to retire home. The INEC appointed bodies appointed for the issuing of PVC are not enough to cater for the parading crowds out there.

Obviously we have just the local government areas as the PVC centeres and most times, the journey to local governmet areas take hours unless you are lucky to live closeby, taking permission from work, leaves, closing your business place to get to the PVC centres can be frustrating. even as early as 6:00 am, there is an already waiting queue waiting for the same cause. sometimes, most times, one may not get lucky to obtain a voters card on the first day, it will mean taking another day off.

At the queue, people just come from nowhere and collect their PVCs within a twinkle of an eye , it makes youths to exchange words with the INEC officials and often times, it results to quarrels, fights and exchange of blows. people get tired and forget about this menance while others keep fate. Most times, one has to pay for food, drinks or tips to the collection officers before one can obtain a PVC or a TVC.

Why can't there be nearby places to ease these stress? I will obviously have to travel to vote. Last election was poor from the Eastern anle, we are probably the highest in record trying to get a PVC, very soon the exercise will be over but if more centers are created, virtually every youth will be available to cast their votes and bring about a credible election. I hope this message gets o someone who can do something about this cause.I wonder what will be the fate of Nigerians in Diaspora, trying to come home to exercise their franchise.

Happy Weekend all, remeber to get your PVC as we hope they extend its collections even at wekends.


Monday, May 14, 2018

DIARY OF AN ENUGU CHICK - I want to flex wisely

I just semi-permanently moved to Enugu. I think it's semi-permanent because I don't know what fate has in store for me. I have been in Abuja almost all my life and I believe I will never have chosen to stay in Enugu. As the good girl I have been, I obediently followed my parents here despite the fact that friends advised against it. They believe that I am an adult and should lead my own life, I knew they wanted the best for me but Drax once said to me, "Nenye, never live alone."  I remember that even my service days, someone just had to sleep beside me for fear of the roaring lions #ifyouknowyouknow# enough of my rants, let's go back to business.

Shout out to my photographer #smiles

Enugu is cool and beautiful, it has an Abuja ambience too. Talk of fresh vegetables and fruits and starch but water and light is nothing to write home about - especially water. I remember eating Abacha for the cool sum of two hundred naira and I was filled and praising God. The hills and trees in Enugu is beautiful and if you are thinking of a hideout, come to Enugu. Now here are  my problems in Enugu.

I can't seem to find a free recreational area, I have never found an open space to relax with friends, relaxation must be in a bar, hotel or fancy entries where you have to spend a lot so as not to be embarrassed for staying past your time. The very day I managed a Shoprite hangout with my siblings, I saw how security men abused and kicked people off their seats for over staying, and happy new comers gladly sat in joy, I guess the only reason I wasn't abused was probably because I wore good makeup and looked good in their eyes, I swear these days that I am always on makeups, a thing I would rarely do in Abuja.

I had hoped for good shows, not the flavour night parties, I mean good shows like a talent concert. I want to go for theatre shows, intellectual campaigns, seminars; not for slim teas and greedy business scams, good launching and all that but go no go and awareness programs, that is where youth meet people of like-minds.

To even participate in social gathering, you should have good cars, outfits and oyinbo accent that will separate you from the chaffs. It didn't matter what class you belong to or what you do for a living , you just have to create an impression. I see fake people everyday, fraudsters, borrowers that never paid back and all the lying chick's too, if you find one good one, please, never offend them. I see empty stomachs covered in lots of effizy. To fit into this society , there are lots of adjustments to do; like accepting people the way they are, you know that Enugu especially the Igbos know it all. Women here are calm in the face of verbal abuses, just to get a good husband and not labelled stubborn or mannerless. Where will girls learn to hustle and make a name for themselves instead of waiting for a rich husband? It is definitely not in Enugu.  Shout out to all the chicks in Abuja  and Lagos and obodo oyibo, trying to make ends meet, doing odd jobs and reading non stop for a better tomorrow. You are remembered.  This is the Enugu I have seen but you can debunk this notion in the comment section, tell us places we need to see, and the joy in 042, people like me will highly appreciate.

I saw my page views and comments and suggestions and calls and texts from you guys and I highly appreciate. That is why I brought up this Enugu chick tag to talk about lifestyle, I hope to make it interesting too, thanks for always visiting, I love you all.

Happy Monday friends, I should do Sunday or Monday posts for now. Thanks for always being there. I love you all.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Awesome Nail Inspirations


Nude and neutral colours have come to stay but a little touch of black, glitters or stones isn't a bad idea after all. It's almost valentine and the choice of what to wear and look is all here on this site, it will interest you to know that little tips you should know would hit your inspiration too.  Have fun while deciding on what nail you will love, I couldn't find the source for the perfect nails exhibited here but all the credit belongs to instagram. 


We didn't forget that ladies are tired of the black and red foot nail signature and have resolved to abide with shouty colours 

Yellow for the win

White is cool and unusual too

I love it 

I hope you found it interesting? If you have something you would love me to talk about, please send an email to and I will handle it. Thanks for stopping by. 

Image credit: instagram 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Monday Inspiration

Monday Inspiration is an early motivational quotes that we source for weekly just to motivate our readers. We are not always perfect but we know an inspiration may be all you need to flow.  Enjoy

Worrying never solved any problem, we should learn to take things the way they are, hope and pray for a better tomorrow. 

When I saw this I was elated. There is absolutely no right path, we all have our destinations, let us choose how we want to go and forget what others are doing. 

Most women have been tagged, "bitches"  for standing up for themselves, if truly you want what you want, let us leave the tag and move on. 

Let us learn to treat everyone equally, life is full of surprises. Some trusted and respected people are not really who you believe them to be and so goes for an ignored individual who might be greater than what you thought them to be. 

I love this quote so much. Every thing you face in life will bring out the real beauty in you. 

Happy Monday friends, enjoy your week. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Woman Kills Husband in Shanghai for Cheating on her with a Sex Toy

The Chinese municipal city is in disarray as hell was let loose when a citizen named Chu had killed her husband over infidelity.  The Police had arrested her for murder but what kept every one baffled was that they had just gotten back from Yu Garden some weeks ago before Chu went for a business trip. It was later gathered that Yong only bought a sex toy to keep body and soul together until his wife returns. 

People are startled and surprised to think that she over reacted just because of a sex toy and will now have to face the prison wall while their six year old son will have to live without parental guidance. 

This story you just read did not happen,  please don't use 800, 000 to buy a sex toy, use it for traditional marriage ceremony, after all people will still contribute. Marry your girlfriend and let us pray for you on top. Our economy is hard, I can't imagine you buying sex toy when am this broke.  On behalf of my fellow naija babies,  please be warned and give your life to Christ. 

Culled from Nenye's senses. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Stay with me - Inspirations by Nenyechi

Making it in life has it's own limitations,  it is just not easy, it goes with steadfastness and bravery and it is not guaranteed if you will make it in life with just hard work and perseverance.  The only time perseverance works is through faith and courage,  through signs too.  

No one knows how long you must have tried until you make it, in fact,  no one cares to know your story if you haven't triumphed. A saying goes thus; "never accept criticism from one who hasn't created anything."

Our lives becomes valuable, acceptable, respected and listened to, just when we create.  To create we don't need to be in another's shadow -  they will cover you and shine with your grace all through their lifetime. No great one ever made it under someone else, but we certainly need someone else to survive and learn life.  

This is the year I decide to inspire you and it will be rude if I don't start with intimacy. Despite hurdles that will never seem to end,  you all still call for posts, I appreciate even the project works and wedding ideas you say you get from here, it truly an honor to serve you here. 

I urge you all to keep trying to create you, even if it doesn't yield now, it will yield later as you use your faith and courage.  Do something new, solve a form.

            Happy New Year from  Have a pleasant 2018

Thursday, August 10, 2017

All of Your Weekend Style Inspirations for Him and Her

Real style is effortless and can be relatable even when another is rocking it. This week had so much fun in it, both gist and fashionwise and I have decided to compile for your pleasure all the weekend inspiration that you will need for the weekend. I hopefully wish that you like it after picking from the category you may belong to.

The Shorts

This are lover of short with nice and unadulterated legs, those who need a little air in their system to ,make blood flow evenly. But you know not everyone can rock this even when we seem to have this attribute. You must have swag and a janded attitude to flow with this tide, you must be a boss with no one complaining of your look. Good luck.

Cassey Bassey

The Simple but yet Sexy Fellas In Pants

Some people have got the looks for simple and yet sophisticated fashion, with toned abs and lovely faces, you can rock a normal Denim and Polo and look like the god that you are. You are into this category, watch and select a style.

Ankara Touch

Some people can not have a weekend go without having a touch of Ankara, sometimes it obviously seem boring when this look aren't versatile you know, so I have collected for your veiwing pleasure some casual ankara looks that I think you may want to try. Dear guys, I was obviously in a hurry and didn't remember to include yours. The fact is, you should even be happy that I remembered you today. All for the girls. Lol


Boss Chicks

Only boss chicks choose them styles for themselves, you cant advice them on what to wear but you can give them a hint anyway, some people are just too fashion-forward so much that they don't even need your advice or it might just sound akward to them but we all still need inspirations. Here are the boss chicks, you can pick a style from their parole.

mimi onalaja




I hope you really like this post? It has really been a long time but we will all be fine.

Have a lovely weekend friends. I love you all.

                                            Image Credits: Instagram

On Election and PVC in the SOUTH EAST - HELP!

The 2019 general election is fast approaching and it just two hundred and ninety something days to go and we have almost 80percent of unemp...