Sunday, June 25, 2017

Inspirational Quotes by DK (Weekly Wisdom Dosage)

Inspirational quotes from DK are mainly creative words of wisdom to lighten up your week when you made good use of it.

# Excellence is not for someone else to notice, its for ur *Own satisfaction

Don't climb a mountain with an  intention that the World should see you, Climb it with the intention to See the World Better

Good morning..☀☀☀

# Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions.☕ good morning๐Ÿ™

# *Once  a  Man  asked  GOD.. Why  you  don't  fulfill  my  wishes  if  you  are  everywhere..?*

*GOD  replied.. I am  like a  WiFi  my  Child.. I am  available  everywhere  but  you  need  to  connect  with  me  with  a  Correct  Password..*

*And the “password is :*


๐Ÿ€Good morning ๐Ÿ’

#To heal your wound, you must stop touching it.

I hope these quotes helps your journey this week,  have a lovely week ahead.

Good morning all.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


It was fun and fanfare when families and friends came together to celebrate the love between OBI and Onyinye.  

The bride had met her groom in 2013 while serving her country Nigeria, he was also serving at that time but rounding off his program. What started as mere friendship developed within the years as each party finds out that one could not live without the other.  OBI proposed in 2016 and started a forever journey that became blessed on Tenth June 2017.

Below are lovely pictures of their happy day.  Nenyechi wishes this family every blessing from God in marriage. Congratulations. 

Before we remembered to take pictures,  the bridal party was already over. 


When the bride called me for her makeover, I was really excited because I really didn't know these guys still remember my hustle. I knew being in her train would be difficult but I still had to have that uniform  lol. There was no time enough for makeover but we pulled through. 

So she called and said that she loved her look. 

My clothe didn't fit but I thank God for needle and thread. 



The second look happened under the mango tree where a malam sold biscuits and ice cream but we pulled through. 

Remember to pray for this family and wish them well. Congrats again and again. 

Image Credits : Onyinye 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Get the Best of Casual inspiration - Casual combos like never before

You would love to have a casual look that looks different from the normal ones that you see jus every day and you obviously have been trying to change this all these while and you just can't come out creative with something, look no further, Nenye has got you covered. 


Image Credits: Instagram 

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