Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do Something New

Anytime am bending down to select cheap good clothes and I tell my friends how I plan to give it a finishing touch, they just start laughing because to them it may not be possible. Redesigning a clothe is just like giving a tailor your material to sow for you. You choose a style and most times get extra materials for a different touch especially when you are the fashionable type. For redesigning my kinda style, it may be touching up two different head ties to make a skirt or anything inspired by your imaginations.

Let me blame our so called, "celebrities" first before going down on our female complex issues, we see fashion in a way it has never been, just because some celebrities wear a clothe just once for an occasion trying to out do each other doesn't mean we have to follow their foot steps, we are different individual and should have our unique taste. We don't have to waste to prove that we are wealthy enough, wealth comes from our mind set and our power of creativeness. Have you seen a simple wedding outdo the elaborate ones? Yea! Many a time I have witnessed this and I guarantee my attitude with spending unnecessary money got to it's waterloo when I witnessed I lost many things to mind set and now am grown up and ready to make you trade my path.

  Many buddies don't want to be considered poor due to their clinging on known dresses. Join me and wear a clothe over and over again as people cheer you up and admire you, it is called flexibility. If you can't risk it, start with Okrika and then to ready-made and tailor shaped. Did blog hunting and found some tutorials for you. Enjoy;

 The point is this thing is simple as long as you are creative enough and remember your needle can do the work.

Men you just have to do your thing, am a lady that's why I know this! Sit and create as many styles as you want #kiss#

Hey boyfriend! open the gates of your wardrobes cos am done with stealing my bros dem tops, over to you #winks#. So much for having a creative boo.

Happy Saturday from Nenyechi dear blog boos. I love. You all.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sinful secret, Re-virginity.

    Dear men, which do you prefer? Allowing us to be real with our unworthiness or remaining fake to please you? All for love.

  Honestly and first of all, I want to give credits to bukky for  discovering this! will sure give you credit bro click to see bukky.
When an innovation lets you eat your cake and still have it, good enough. But if in the same vein it attacks and slumps the walls of morality like Hymenoplasty and Hymen Kit, such innovation leaves a big question in the minds of many - Bukky.

Post modernism has thought our sisters to reciprocate views against men's ideology, you sha know that nowadays there is nothing wrong with a sister picking a suitor just like the brothers do but once the problem of virginity surfaces women gets scared especially if they don't want to lose their man but hehehehehehhehehe!......... The solution is here! #covers face#.

When our men feel so wise, we can always reciprocate by being wiser. Remember this is a secret wives and babes, don't allow bobo to see this oh and for you bro that wants to pocknose into this business, I promise you heart attack or eye shake attack. So we can all re virgin even if village people wan use white handkerchief just click and read the full tutorials

Story HERE

 So what do you think about this invention, in case you discover this bro just remember that creativity never ends especially when we want to cover up, a chick can do anything even operation.

Baby don't go there, don't even think about it cos am real don't let technology ruin us. .

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bitter Single Man Buys Every Other Seat In Movie Theater So Couples Can’t Sit Together On Valentine’s Day

Am loving this frustration story 

A Chinese man bitter about a recent break-up has bought out every other seat at a cinema in Shanghai to ensure that tonight’s movie won’t be ruined by affectionate couples.

According to the South China Morning Post, the unnamed man’s effort to enjoy a film without the sound of lips smacking was made possible by a campaign on a crowd-funding site that allowed him to afford all the tickets.

The theater will be showing a movie called “Beijing Love Story” in honor of Valentine’s Day but thanks to the man’s campaign, couples will not be able to sit together as the theater will only offer odd seats.

Identifying himself only by the online username “UP,” the man reportedly described himself to the Shanghai Morning Post as a “computer nerd” who had broken up with his girlfriend late last year.UP told the paper that the stunt was very difficult to pull off because the theater’s online booking system would not let him reserve odd seats, and the staff at the theater declined his request.

 “I also didn’t have enough money,” he said. “So finally a friend recommended that I start a campaign on a crowd funding site, and there were enough single Internet friends out there to help me raise the money to do this sort of thing. I hope all lovers understand this is just a small joke,” he added.

UP will be attending tonight’s showing with a group of single friends who hate PDA in theaters just as much as he does.“Want to see a movie on Valentine’s Day? Sorry, you’ll have to sit separately,” reads the campaign. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Give us singles a chance.”


Monday, February 10, 2014

Single? Tips to enjoy your Valentine's day

  He made you feel so bad and obviously dumped you for Val? She saw a richer guy and escaped? You lost your loved one? (Death) Or for obvious reasons, 14th feb 2014 didn't go well for making you a pair of someone's life? Don't end up feeling lonely and dejected, we are all special even without a pair, maybe the ones you wish for ain't just good enough. There are many other things to do on Valentine's Day if you are single than hangout with a sweetie! Forget the day for what it is, or go ahead and celebrate it in your own way. Remember in the end it's just Valentine and you can still make it yours. 


One of the best ways for singles to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to throw a party for all of your single friends-guys and girls. It’s not about hooking up with someone, just a group of people who choose not to be in a relationship at this point in time enjoying one another’s company. If you don’t have any single friend, not to worry. Have a movie marathon at home with your favorite classic movies or your celeb crushes. Relax in your comfy clothes, munch on your favorite snacks and relish in your single hood.
One of the first things to do on Valentine's Day if you are single other than go to a romantic dinner is to plan a night in. Call all your single friends over, cook up a great dinner and pour some wine - for each other! Valentine's Day is about having a good time with your supporters, and your friends are definitely it. Kick back and watch your favorite movie, chit chat like old times or plan a craft you've all been dying to make. You'll soon forget what day it even was!


If you think going out will be a bit more fun this year, plan a night out - no opposite sex allowed! Meet early for Happy Hour, or get dolled up together to kick the night off. Once you're out and having a good time, you'll see that you aren't the only single one out there. One more rule: No opposite sex talk or complaints, unless it's to plan your chat-up-attach for the cute guy/girl sitting down the way.


If having a nice, quiet night sounds better to you, plan a romantic dinner in for yourself! Cook up your favorite meal, play your favorite music and have a nice bottle of wine on-hand. Dine with a good book, the latest episode on your Netflix queue or just enjoy each bite. You might feel lonely, but cooking for yourself is therapeutic and important. You don't need a guy/girl to cook for or with - enjoy your mad skills on your own time!
Enjoy your night in by pampering yourself. Use your favorite at-home spa treatment, or make a bunch of juices for the week! Even better, get your nails or hair done/cut, or catch a massage. Taking care of yourself is a good way to take the attention off of the day, and put the attention back on you.


Maybe you still want to do something on your own but aren't quite sure what to do. Head out for your favorite place, and then figure it out from there! Visit specific places, take pictures, catch a good movie. Do something fun! There you probably may not know anybody so you can even go clubbing. Traveling out is fun unless you don't like experiencing new things.


Maybe your mother, dad or a grandparent is also alone this Valentine's Day. Plan to spend the night with them! Do something you'll both love to do together, and be one another's Valentine! Get them the gifts and all the treat you should have given to the "supposed" loved one. The day is about all types of love, so just celebrate a different kind this year.


Volunteer on the actual day, sleep early Thursday night for a Friday morning clean-up, or plan to visit an elderly home, motherless babies home, Hospital, or help the street kids. Whichever volunteer opportunity you can find in your town that appeals to you, set the date! It'll remind you how much you do have to be grateful for and how much you can help others. Helping others is in fact another form of love! Not to mention, you'll have an awesome story - and potential idea - for your next Valentine date.


If non of these advice sounds good enough to you my dear then just don't bother. After all Valentine is just a day, we can always show love everyday and can meet our future sweetheart any day so there is absolutely no need to kill ourselves over nothing. Ask them, did Romeo and Juliet meet on Vals day? Mtschew! #not interested#
But pray sha because it's always good having som1 to talk to intimately #winks#

Brittney Harb

I love you all, enjoy Val 2014.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Black Race or Black Souls?

  It's alarming what we do to each other and how we portray ourselves as mean and dirty and still beg for respect and positivity from the larger world. What should be said of this;

onlookers watch with excitement
Click here; for complete story 

And this

When jungle justice prevails and man is been treated as an animal.  

 And we still keep mute waiting for respects. With government and officials becoming bullies and making innocent commoners slave. What is the difference between serving a white man who treats you like a slave and serving for a brother (same nationality) who treats you like a good for nothing rag. It's not just the Central African Republic, most black African continent are guilty of this bestial attitude. To mention but a few, ALUU IV, the blackberry thief striping, and many burnt thieves and innocent suspects who should have been in prison or set free if not guilty. Let's stop making the black colour darker than it seems. It's an evidence of saying we ain't good enough to take care of ourselves without the help of the white man.

Am still thinking of Valentine though. Love You my Blog Family.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's Your Flavour?

Hey ladies! Thank God it's Friday! And guess what? In a week time it's gonna be Valentines day celebration. Some people have vehemently condemned this day because they feel the rituals involved for this day is just so much. This has never been a problem to me because I love celebrations at least once in a while. Today I bring you something special. What's your preferred makeup look for Vals day. Choose a face.

Simple face #team natural

I love this look because you look simple and charming, it's has this unique glow on you and makes you ever innocent.

Normal bright face

It is always cool and suit most occasions, you gonna love this from Tess and Chioma, they are both makeup artist with a burning desire to give you glow. Enjoy;

Tess Ume a blog guru

Chioma Okpara

Chic and party style

Here is how I love it, it's simply amazing to look exceptional. Walking all day long with nobody wearing your kind of look because they can't afford it. Edna a MUD product just teach you how to do that. You can't be a quiet girl forever, haba! Use your makeup to get that look your heart can't potray.

If you don't know what to do girl, try this for Val.

 Love you all. Tomorrow we are going for clothe looks. Hope you enjoyed it.
Happy Weekend sweethearts.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Am fat for religious reasons

Ignorance no good O

 I was very fat and decided to change my looks since workers in church looked fit always, I felt odd and betrayed especially in the midst of them, I was alone figurewise and so concluded I do find a way to keep fit before the year runs out but especially for Valentines day, not for a boo sha but for the less privileged. Poor people have their way with mouth sha. I want to be presentable before presenting my gifts to them and those smart Ushers I joined in church ever gave me the zeal to carry on with fitness.

Am not rich or wealthy in whatsoever term you may want to describe me but I love good things especially in terms of visuals. I love watching movies and people especially the physically packaged ones, I don't mean the irritating machos anyways, the ones whose frame makes you get angry over nothing. When I say the physically packaged I mean the tiny waisted ladies with curves to die for, that is what am aspiring to look like. So hear me out.

I wanted to keep fit not just for fitness sake but because I wanted a perfect shape. Above all, there were people into the gym thing that I envy so much maybe because of the way they dressed, it looks wow! To me.

I didn't know how to go about it because I am really into the church thing and so I asked a sister from church to follow me for gym registration so we can hustle together and get our future shapes. Guess what? She really got annoyed and asked if I had seen any born again in the gym system? She also flipped her thread hair do, it seemed more of a Bob Marley hair look. Lol! Na true O, how I wan come betray born again things and be wearing funny kinda wears to the gym? Trust yours truly who will never join the group of shapeless gym dressers and wear long skirts and canvass for physical training and the coach be touching your body, Tufiakwa! If I ain't wow! With dressing then why should I gym? How will people admire me or how will I display the acquired curves after gym practices.

Maybe our religious leaders gym @ home but religiously most dedicated believers either in tradi, islam or Christianity can't be found at gyming centres. I just brought this though to know if gyming is a sin? Help my unbelief. I find sexy bad chikalas, musicians and wannabes trouping these places, what should I do? It seems more like a place for sinners and I want to be physically fit.
 It's either religious leaders can afford coaches and equipments at home. Why ask us not to engage in things we can't afford naturally while you have it all.
I kept being myself and dished figure since I want to be clean for salvation sake.

 So here is the question for today;

1. Does religion stop us from gyming or we are just scared of being unequally yoked with unbelievers?

2. Have you seen your Pastor, Iman or Babalawo in the gym before?

If yes then I am wrong but if No, it means unconsciously religion has stopped us from gymnastic centers and it's activities, besides what do I need a dying shape for when it will lure people to hell, are you sure I may not be tempted to start posting Bikini pictures on net like our ladies do and lead men to hell? Probably that is why gym ain't good for you because of worldly sight. So how did they look smart without working out? I mean the smart looking religious people?

 FASTING! Whaaaaaat? Fasting is the only exercise to a religious fitness, it gives you desired shape and helps you maintain it, if you are wondering how they look good, browse on the benefits of fasting. Hell no! Am out of this game.

 Hahaha...........LWKMD who give me this thought?
 Happy saturday and enjoy february 2014. HNM

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