Friday, June 27, 2014

Thoughts to Action *Weekend Transformation#

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Am sorry for not being available, we have missed enough tutorials already, biko gbahara #smiles#. Makeup is not just a woman thing though. Remember to recommend me if you love my work, encourage my passion and hustle. Delima - 

Your work don't tolerate any covered hair style and you want to go to party on friday, wedding on saturday, church on sunday and clean hair for monday, this is your style, pay attention to the pattern, makeup and gele. It's Friday!...and this is all you will need. It's so simple.

Hair Before Morning bath (pay attention to the  weave).

After bath and Makeup 

With different ways to style (Choose your fave).
choose your fave
Fix my gele (so sorry my gele is weak).

Remember to comment and tell me what tutorial you want next and I will obey your wish, encourage my and watch my zeal and creativity.

If you love my work, feel free to contact nenyechi. I love you all, have a great weekend #kisses# Tara! One love.

Hair and makeup and bead by Nenyechi.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Heart Broken

When pains becomes reflections
When reflections becomes boredom
And hearts runs and beat faster
And memory drains

When I hit the street
Not knowing myself
Not hearing a sound
Not singing my songs

Whispers of Nightingales overtakes me
And hits my thoughts to the tree

Sing a lullaby to my weeping soul,
All is not at rest in my respiration
Unmatched gaits becomes my problems and confused souls my joy.

Sing me a song
Make it pleasant and free
To suit my weeping heart
I am heart broken.

Note Kunabara is highly  unavailable for now so I thought of a poem. Happy  Sunday. Hope you like it? #smiles#

Thursday, June 5, 2014

When you Become gods.

     I wish service is a world wide
      youth thing. So we can explore
      the Bahamas together. Lol!

I got this message inspiration for my dear friends passing out today being, the fifth day of June 2014. I tagged it, "when you become a god." Don't forget the small letter "g" making your god inferior to the superior being. It is our personal letter, but blogging it will do no harm.

Just yesterday when you left school, the desire to become someone else in a khaki uniform troubles you, and now you wore it and became eager to drop it. Fact is that you envy someone now working, but remember it's a life time event to work, to fend, to acknowledge and to become "gods." 

Now that you are becoming a god to young generations, remember being the main god of your dreams. Someone once refused to give me his book to read because it contains an autograph from a literary god, and I ask myself, when people will worship my legacy? I can't be god alone, dwelling in secret places without a god family. Let's groom together.

To KC, Arit, Glory, et al. The Batch B Corp members serving all over the country, I wish you a successful POP and a great welcome to the world at large. Looking forward to when you become gods. I am fair enough.

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