Saturday, November 30, 2013


 I smell Xmas again!

Happy Birthday Flenjour Gozie Dclan

Happy Flenjour to our reader
   Happy birthday as you celebrate with our new blog today, the beginning of the festive season (xmas).   DO SOMETHING NEW wish U blessings from your creator, shine forth. He is almost a graduate of Theatre and Films Studies in the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, reserved and creative in acting and designing. Have fun dear and happy new  month as  you celebrate today.


  Shouting Kunabara! Kunabara! Kunabara! with the kids is all that matters to me, a kind of play I will want to do all my life, the children played for fun while I played for their safety.
   Some of you will be wondering what Kunabara means, my dear people, it means nothing, as long as the children get busy, I am already satisfied. But come to think of it, Kunabara is a play that will give me the strength that I lost to laziness, for laziness stole the young lady out of me  and deposited an old woman inside me. I sit gazing at my fattened self, a being I will never had wanted to be, I saw Mr lazy laughing mockingly at me and it made me more angry, it moves over to a little girl, who became suddenly tired of playing with her mates, admist the pleadings from her friends, mine started this way, I couldn't even walk short distances, I take the step to save her, so I meet the little girl and forced her to play Kunabara with me, that is the only way she can ever escape my kind of fatness and then laziness became angry for it has failed this time, I saw laziness leave in pains as I joyfully played, and I swore in heart that these children won't fall prey to fatness like I did as I intensified their play mood for Kunabara with biscuits presents, I can't watch them be like me. Good riddance to bad rubbish, these children will never be fat, except in my absence.


 Hello great friends, it's an amazing Nenye proposing something new today, my blog promises to be wow! if we work together, I found something new in my imaginations and I  don't want to keep it to myself, sharing it with you is all that matters to me.

 Here, young ones get to deliver creative prowess for others to learn from, it will range from;
*Crafts and,

 I want to learn how to walk in the act of story telling, it may not be wow! now, but patience will show improvements, Love you guys #kisses# looking forward to our world of fun, let me return to washing the beans, see ya! Catch ya! larra! #in Jennifer's voice# LMAO.

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