Monday, November 28, 2016

The Layered Game for Christmas (How to Rock Harmattan in Style)

From the second half of twenty sixteen, the Layered Game came into being once again as a trend but there was a very big problem; the time factor. In as much as a lot of people truly loved and want to Rock this style like I wish too, we didn't have the perfect occasion for it. 

Incase you have a strict working dress code or you couldn't find any appropriate occasion to show your love for layers, my dear sisters, Christmas is the best time for that. The reason is that the weather will be so cold you will really have to layer, but Incase you are wondering how you can achieve this, this post is actually for you. 

Learn tricks below.

For Ankara 

I really love the Ankara layer flow, it is really amazing. 

Yvonne  Nwosu


 Classy Chicky

This is all the check you can be


 Afrocentri Vibes

Mixing Ankara and casual Jeans has never been good like the Layered flow
 The Layered Skirt

So Rihanna inspired this look and you can go here when you think you want to be skimpy for Harmattan.

A List Layer Game

Office, business and even your casual game can't be wrong in these outfits

Street Style in Layers

This lovely Kimono on a Jumpsuit is all the style you need for the street. 

Pay attention to the footwear fellas. 

I hope you like the post. Happy week ahead. 

Image Credits:Stylevitae and Instagram 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dear Men, You Can't be Ugly and Poor at the Same Time (18+)

Praise the lord and praise the lord again, I am alive now.

Yea, it is Christmas and my long article period. Hell and fury have been left loose on my behalf but as the die-hard babe that I have grown to be, I just used my handkerchief to dust off all the threats of my not posting these signature articles and it's repercussions; Praise the lord! I am still alive and I smell Christmas too so I can talk because we can now be happy and say no to all the pains that 2016 recession has caused: I love Nigeria and I am very happy for this.

So I met this guy who loves me so much and has shown me undivided attention but my friends and family hates him because he is so Ugly.......and then he is poor too like a curse! Stella once told me that it is a crime for one to be ugly and poor, it doesn't just tally. In fact dating an ugly poor guy is a taboo as against the poor cute one. It brings bad luck.

I love this guy but after weighing their thoughts I want you all to help me.


A cute poor guy is an average ugly guy because even if he doesn't work hard, he gains favors from these source below:


 This set of people have an eye for fine guys, they belong to the rich tree, even with the knowledge of the guy not loving them, they still spend and encourage him to stay. So therefore, you still have food on your table.


He is usually a playboy (not all but majority) he scams lot of girls even men to favor you.


His cuteness is luck on its own, and he is the first to be favored before his peers as long as he knows his onions. You can always manage his wrong doing because you are scared others may tinap him from you. He brings lucks because good guys may think you are gold and collect you from him. There must be a good reason as to why he chose you.

Somehow I noticed that because of this stereotype angle of a fine young guy, girls are stopping to even consider them and so they are having a change of thoughts are are beginning to behave well and even work hard.


Wealth is the only compensation for an ugly guy, at least you can love his wealth. If he is poor, ugly and bad mannered, it's the greatest sin. With money, an ugly poor guy may become just so handsome and boastful, forgetting the Queen that once nurtured him.

But you shouldn't be like this;


Remember when your people said that he can't make fine babies, why you didn't choose his friend instead of him. Then he ignores all his natural flaws that you've been forcing yourself to manage and cheats on you. Haba! Brother go with your sins, your crime can't be forgiven.


Imagine, having to sit with a poor and ugly guy for a day, then weeks and months and everything he does never seems to be working out fine.


It seems like the devil has appeared, your anger becomes irritating too and we start to wonder how our path ever crossed.


We begin to question our worth, imagine being cheated on by an ugly poor guy whose room is close to the compound well and everyone already knows you have been dating. You have been reduced to O.


After him na barrow pushers and otapia pia sellers, your self worth has reduced. If a poor ugly guy betrays you, it almost seems like he'll fire imagine the he'll of managing him to the hell of even thinking that he betrayed you.

Here is my problem, we girls can understand a fine guy misbehaving and all, aside from us, there are sugar mommies and daddy's angel who can spoil them silly. Remember a fine boy can become a model overnight and always will jam luck but we don't understand an ugly guy gold digging, you can't be ugly and have a bad character, God gives two opposite things to be compatible; ugly and wealthy, handsome and suave.

Dear ugly guys, don't miss the routes of your fathers, if you check in history, all our leaders in various positions are ugly. You are already disadvantaged by not being fine, all you have to do is to pick your part and hustle, only hustle can give you handsomeness since you lost in at birth. If you break our heart that we have managed to give to you at the expense of our friends resistance, it feels like a double edged sword. We can bear the fine Bobo leaving us, he has various female obstacles on the way. You can't be ugly and broke at the same time.


This post is just for fun, if you read meaning into it, you are on your own. I was just ransacking my brain and this came up.

Credits: Nenyechi

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Braid Inspiration: See all the lovely styles that your heart has always yearned for

BRAIDS are the loveliest thing you can ever do to your hair, it makes your hair full and healthy unlike the weave flow.  Remember braids has a natural look that makes you look younger than your weave self. 

All the love and compliments always comes with braid and there is no braid style like this post #lol#  It's Christmas and braiding is the only good thing you can do to your hair right now. 

Enjoy a compilation of awesome braids inspiration from the pictures below. Happy viewing. 

Best box braid ever

Banana all back

Upper doughnut twist

Crotchet braid

Twist of blindness, I will try this

Two step/front and back

Side parted all back

African queen

Pick and drop

Side ways


Upper twist doughnut 


Bold box braid

All backbrush

Kinky twist

Kinky braid


Two Shake pick and drop


Tiny box braid


All back sideways


All back


Box braid


It is kind of cute to remember our school hairstyles in an advanced form. Remember that if you are a naturalist, this post is for you. 

Image Credits: Nenyechi 

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