Saturday, January 30, 2016


  You can call me vain or anything you like but honestly, all i want is to make your special day perfect or near perfect - that is, if you don't believe in perfection.  I found something new with brides I bet you don't even know and I guess if I don't share it, it will be a bad one for me. Relax and think about which possible one you are gonna use for your big day. You probably did not know that we are on step up game this 2016, am just trying to help you step up joor. Enjoy.

Brides have gone a step further with hair accessories you will just love, bolder and out of thoughts. Enjoy;

It is beautiful not to think about just shoes and manicures on your big day, accessorize your feet with this bridal themed sandal, either you are tired and decide to wear a flat slippers, or your gown is on someone's arm, you will just have a perfect foot for the eyes. you can never go wrong with this.

I think Nenye is personally tired of seeing bare hands in the name of formality, something huge and simply on your hand is just worth the big day.

If you want to go an extra mile on your big day, you can just wear, trend setting neck-pieces, hair band or ribbon with a difference, wear your wings, fun specks and smileys. This is your cue.

Nose rings are trending, either in the tiny or huge way, just know how to fix it in.

We may not be obeying trend by wearing our usual costume, earrings, using something different and yet charming is advisable.

 Honey, if you want to fix that nail, better add a sparkle, make it bling because whether you like it or not, those fingers are celebrating with you. Add a bead or stone to make it glitter.

Please note that I didn't ask you to do all of this in one day, my opinion is for you to find out something new and play with it.

Happy weekend from Nenye, remember to share your blog with your friends.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello and good evening everyone especially the guys who have been complaining of my being so sentimental with woman issues, just to prove that I love you, I have decided to do this interesting post in your name. I hope you love me after this. The post titled; what kind of man are you? doesn't only show you a fashion sense but also makes it interesting in an enjoying way.

Are you fun and loving and sincerely think that meeting friends is simple and classy, or you are going on a date and think looking so busy and expensive can pull her off the trigger? Here is your style buddy.

They are contemplating or already know that you are a boss, but you can't seem to know the perfect dress you may use to showcase your level and standard? learn from Nenye and thank me later. Don't just pick the dressing, pick the swag honey.

You went  to the party and your girlfriend abi wifey and she fixed all the gifts in her bag and you were thinking it is for the both of you, only to find out that she has duped you of your one priced possession; "your own gift," or you are tired of the MC not noticing that you came, you just don't understand how he should not recognize you? My brother, choose the Agbada joor, you can hide your gift, meat, cake, Five Alive and bottled water there and still feel like a gentleman, nobody will notice, so therefore I declare Agbada for the weddings.

 You want to look exceptional fashionable without minding what the world will say, copy from these men joor and make people happy, it is a part of giving; I mean you will give people laughter to ease their sorrows.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nail Inspiration 3

Today am not just posting quality nail works for you to see, am also telling you some of my observations. There is a nail paint as you can see, that is if you don't have time to go to the salon, it gives you a perfect finish like an airbrush makeover. 

Some pictures also shows you the name of the nail polish and embellishments with a mixture of rare colour polish, just in case you think you can't find a good nail polish. The last observation I will have to fish out is that nails goes with accessories either on your finger or as a nail paint decorator.

Happy Thursday.

Sunday, January 17, 2016


when you are replaced in your click with another

Have you ever lost a friend because you were not up to the current standard? Then this post is for you. Read my previous step up standard here . Nobody is suppose to help you in making your life decision if not God and you; and to achieve a lot, you will have to lose a lot too; I learnt that in 2015. Lose your friend, Church, cliques etc, instead be the one that they want to reach to - don't be the one going on errands for your friends, it is so heart breaking.  Every January i just did this type of post for me and you, enjoy.

Here are your reason for not stepping up, a problem revealed is a problem solved.


You have been thinking of marrying or starting a business every new year seem to you like a new month and you keep promising yourself that you will do it very soon; and soon turns to years and your wishful league keeps moving so far you know it is impossible to reach them now. Oya stop promising and start now.


Often time thinking about people take us back, a wise man once said, "stop finding people and find dollar, I have never seen a dollar that I hate."


Okay! Because your brother bought five cars in 2015 after selling electronic and now you want to start electronics business. Beyonce and Solange, Laura and Linda, Shirley and Kezziah stories everywhere. Live your own dream, what works for Chika may not work for Andrew. Good luck.


You are scared of not getting anything at the end of the day, after many effort and it turns futile? Just try, take the risk; it may work this time around.


Many a time, your pride is good - at least you know your to do list, but every thing has it's limits. If you don't compromise your standards at times my dear, you are not going anywhere. Even your role model compromises, you can't tell the deepest truth from the picture. Be wise.


To make it in 2016, as hard as naija is, you will have to leave your comfort zone, forget the Television and Parties, step a little harder. You can't get people to sign you to their label by singing at home or job hunting on facebook. You also can't make it by receiving just that salary, I agree you are comfortable, but a little more skills in your archive can fetch you a supplement.


Am sorry to say this, you are way too old to know that you have to separate the weeds from the grains, all words now should be filtered, all lessons adjusted to favour you, understand the scripture in your own versions and throw the rest away. Watch, "Deliver us from Eva."


After every year, and every quatre my dear, you just have to reflect on the journey so far. How far have you gone, what did you miss? Some things can't be revoked. The fact say all your runs girls course mates are doing perfectly now doesn't mean your should start runs, you are way too old for that game dear. Reflect and adjust because you have been doing music for almost twenty years now and still doesn't have a hit. Change your career.


"God must really be sleeping right now to be true, haba! Haven't you tried enough - at least I know people who didn't put an effort but are already in the league." Nenye laughs because you don't know what you are saying, there has always been an effort from someone for something. Our lives ain't the same. Bring back your strength/zeal, just a little effort and you are there. Remember say na when school wan close na im people don dey tire to wait for closing. Oya kiss me.


You want to pay the world back with your failure? You want to destroy other to be like you? You want to go at any length to destroy even the prosperous ones. Stop holding back, move on. Holding back keeps you back. This is a new year; have a new lease. 

I hope this post was helpful, remember to tell your friends of this post, stay with me for a better 2016 and don't forget to advise too. I cant serve you without feedback.
I love you all. Tada for now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hey Folks Get Checked

I love the fact that fashion is always recycling, I can save my clothe for my daughter and watch them wear it in excitement. Check has gone and is back, this post is intended to show you how to rock and style your checked materials in a big baller way; just in case you think it is out of fashion and can't wear it. Go to you or mums wardrobe, pick and dust your check and make adjustments if need be because at Nenyechi's stand, nothing dey spoil #laughs#

 Just Checks

check with other materials

I just remembered when people avoided checks because it was almost a school uniform or a table clothe at a restaurant, but schools have gamed up to even make Students wear suits and tie to work thereby making fashion lovers go back to our old time Check.
I think my comments has been fixed and working again, so don't forget to advise or thumb if you like the post. Enjoy your day.

Have a tailor made Wednesday, I love you all.

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