Thursday, March 20, 2014


 Let's start with this; I am not a professional makeup artist but I love makeup and the passion had drawn me to people who feel I should start it as a career. Let me not call this an official start because I couldn't find a photographer to give me shots (disappointed). For the likes of those who need tutorials, I will start next week. Stay glued to Nenyechi and encourage me if you love my look. 

  Good afternoon.
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Saturday, March 8, 2014


It started few days to my POP and we were all handy, busy with one thing or the other and so my friend moved into the Church with what seems like a layer and I was wowed! 

i love the wooden layer too!

She knew I loved it, everyone did but I couldn't ask her to teach or make for me because time was against us and so I decided that come rain, come shine I will definitely find a solution and produce mine but I ended up with this;

But I ran into this tutorial which seem more like an improvisational aspect of my layered bead after many frustrations and toiling to make something that seem impossible. 

If you are creative enough you should know how to mix colours and ankara materials to create a larger pieces and then you must not use materials to hold the layers because "na you get your imaginations. So let's start this tutorial from "beautiful Mess";

 Get a scissors, material and your pressing iron.

Cut to your desired shapes. For me I may consider triangle or circle but for wanting it to look like Kaecy's layer beads this is what it should be;

Connect them

Get this look.

 Now dear Kaecy, you have seen my hustle for your neckpiece so I beg you to teach me. If you want my other tutorials, just go to the desktop version of my blog and click on "Beauty and crafts". What do you think?

Happy saturday. Prepare for the first full version of Kunabara! Tomorrow because you will just love the flow of an abstract story.


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