Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nail Inspiration2

How is your nail game going? If you missed my first nail post, kindly check here. Today's game is wow! And I wish you start planning your awesome 2016 in a fashion way. Thank me for this post and enjoy your boxing day. Happy Christmas!

Happy Holiday, though am at work.

Monday, December 21, 2015

My FAvourite Makeup for 2015

2O15 is almost over, but I can't end it without showng things am addicted to. Yeah, makeup. Can't rock all these looks but you certainly can help me rock some, so I present to you some of my favourite looks for 2015 that I would really love to beat on my face. Enjoy.

What's your flavour?

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Harmattan Chick

So my post today is on how to hustle harmattan an still be chick, honestly when it's harmattan, you don't have a choice but to cover up, the cold makes you decent. Apart from your usual trouser, cardigan and boots, here is how to remain chick this season with the pictures below. 


My favorite is paring my track suit with heels, it's a wow style. You can never go wrong in that, it usually braids and afro for me except on rare cases will I allow harmattan to break my innocent hair.

Happy Monday

Friday, December 11, 2015

What Shoe is in for Harmattan?

Absolutely and absolutely, mehn! It's cold but then what can we do? The only thing I can say is that you keep your tummy and heels safe. There is already enough tutorials for stocking and keeping yourself in good Shape. Today, am suggesting great footwear ideas for a safe heels this season. We can still be stylish and enjoy our harmattan, both the kids and us. Enjoy.

Happy weekend, TGIF

Friday, December 4, 2015

Nail Inspiration

I absolutely love the feminine beauty that having a well groomed and polished nail does to a woman's beauty. The picture glamour and all, you can call me vain like the others. But absolutely, there is no harm in beauty. In as much as the nail game is outstanding, some of my Queens absolutely need more glamour to make it not boring and all. So I present to you, lovely nail inspirations to ease off your boring routines. Thank me later.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meeting a Long Time Friend Again (Behaviourial Tips)

Honestly meeting a long time friend is crazy; the long ways things and all, but then everything should be done carefully because as you know lots of things has changed already and you may not really have those things in common again, a lot has really changed my dear. Below are your cues on how to behave if you have a date with a long time friend or you coincidentally cross their path.

image credit - google


Be formal first, then friendly if it permits, sometimes, old friends don't even recognise you. Don't get offended, be formal and then blend old style if he/her character permits.


Don't say, "Hello my akara beggar!" Or "Ha! Your chop chop head is now fine o." It's embarrassing, call people by their name first or tap them to get their attention.

Don't say, "you know I was really broke then but I now have a car," or "I work with Shell." It doesn't matter now, instead ask them how they have been, then they can trace you to the past and tell you things they've heard about you, only then can it be necessary for you to open up; you may be proud and find out the listener is better off.


Don't talk about just you, ask after families and things you both shared in time past, it makes them fall back into the friend zone.


As you may be surprised at their own success


Don't stay too long, that way they will wish to have you some other time. You don't have to bore them with your presence.

Have a lovely day from Nenye, hope you enjoyed the post. Tada!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Actress wearing four waist trainers collapse in Accra Mall

I saw this on a Ghana website. I know Moesha personally, I know she waist train but four waist trainer at once, isn't too much??? This gist is so funny, read: 

An aspiring Ghanaian actress  who has been identified as Moesha Boduong reportedly fell flat on her bum this afternoon while window shopping at Ghana’s biggest mall-West Hills.
Despite the West Hills mall known for offering cheap designer products, such as selling authentic LV bags for 68GHS—Moesha Boduong spent almost two hours moving from one shop to another without buying anything, the CCTV cameras shown.

Flaunting a tiny waist and a humongous bum with a handbag in her hand, Moesha collapsed just in front of the MAC shop—with several bystanders rushing to help her. Male shopper who tried resuscitating her came to the conclusion after his first press that—the Moesha was somewhat a dummy, since her chest area right down to her stomach was as hard as a Pig Farm tea bread.

With the help of two women, Moesha was carried into a near by shop as they waited for an ambulance.
After 2 hours of waiting for the ambulance which was said to have been stuck in traffic, caused by a ‘trotro’ left in the middle of the road with the driver having disappeared with an empty gallon to buy some fuel—the two women decided to check what was the cause of the strange body stiffness.
Shockingly, when Moesha’s stripy maxi dress was taken off—she was seen wearing 4 waist trainers, one by one they were all taken off.
The moment the last one was ripped off her body, she jumped up—asking, what happened? After she was told of what had happened, she said she was fine and did not need any medical attention.

However, there was another problem; one of her 4 waist trainers had disappeared with one of the women who helped in carrying her into the shop suspected to have ‘vanished’ with the waist trainer.

The waist trainer theft was reported to Kasoa Central Police station. is told officers from Kasoa Police station quickly erected a barrier, intending to search and confiscate from women travelling between Kasoa and Mallam any waist trainer they would find. They thought it was going to be a cool catch.

But so far, we are told 3,000 waist trainers have been confiscated from the 3020 women who have traveled between the barrier range—some women were wearing as much as 5 waist trainers.

Ditch the Necklace

Hey dearies am back with a new style trend that most of you haven't recognized. It is the material neck piece; it is cheaper, easier and suits your creative prowess. Enjoy the pictures and try to create yours as well. Hope to see you like my pictures this season.

Happy New Month. Happy Tailor-made Tuesday.

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