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Kendall Jenner's $6.5 million home in pictures

Kendall Jenner bought the renovated Hollywood Hills mansion of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt for $6.5 million. The celebrity couple listed the house in January for $8 million but finally sold the Sunset Strip-centric home to Kendall Jenner for $6.5 million, according to TMZ. The house is a 4,800-square-foot contemporary-style mecca home. More photos after the cut...

Talk About Style Versatility! Hadiza Lawal Shares 3 Ways To Rock Your Classic White Shirt


Don’t we all just love versatile pieces that can be styled over and over again? A classic white shirt never gets stale in the closet. One of the best style hacks is being able to wear a piece countless times, without worrying about it looking the same or boring. This is why I never go for over dramatic pieces when I shop, and when I do, I make sure I don’t splurge on them because it is hard to pair those sort of pieces with a number of things.
This is one of my best shirts, and every time I style it, I fall in love with it over and over again. I purchased this shirt over a year ago, and unlike some things in my wardrobe, I still very much enjoy putting it together with other separate pieces.
It’s like I come up with new ways to wear the shirt every time I see it. These are some of my three favorite ways I have styled this BCBG number so far.
The first time I wore the shirt, I wore it with these long green palazzo pants. I wore this on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Palazzo pants are very trendy. The white shirt added some class to it and made a very grown and sexy look. I was not going anywhere amazing that day, so I styled the outfit with some flats. I am definitely looking forward to styling these pants with some heels and perhaps a crop top.


My second look in the white shirt was styled with a pinafore. Although the full beauty of the shirt can’t be seen, you can see how versatile the shirt is. I undid a number of buttons to create some sex appeal in this look. I love how fun and flirty this outfit is and I will so rock it again.
If you are not a sneaker girl like me, ditch the sneakers and throw on some heels. Heels go great too, especially when you are heading to a more serious event. The sleeves of this shirt are what blew me away at first sight. Do you think the sleeves are amazing?

Wait till you see the back in my third look.
This time, I decided to go all white. All white is so classy and it never ever goes out of style. White is so gorgeous to look at, and the fact that it is timeless just blows me away.
You can never ever go wrong with an all white outfit. The back of this shirt is penguin styled, so I folded it forward and tied it in a bow in order to give it a different look from the usual. I love the bow detail in the front; it made it look like a whole new top and I most definitely love the bare back behind. It makes a casual outfit look sexy.
For this look, I wore sandals, but heels would also have been a perfect match. I cannot wait to style this top again as it is without tucking it in or tying it. To add some color to my look, I decided to wear colored shoes since I was already wearing a white bag.

image_5 image_4

I cannot decide which look I like best. What do you guys think and which way is your favorite? Can you tell I wore the same top in all three looks? I bet you a dollar that you cannot 😉 😛
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this, and thank you for stopping by.
For more style photos, visit my blog and follow me on instagram @wovenblends. Next time you go shopping, don’t forget to look out for versatile things that can be worn in a variety of ways.

WHOSE GRANDPA IS THIS? Male Style Inspiration

“Mr. Steal Your Grandma” is a stylish grey haired Houston, Texas educator. His Facebook profile has no relationship status.

 Mr Steal Your Grandma_Irvin Randle 7

The first time I saw a fine old man at the University of Nigeria Nokia, I obviously began to scream. My dear, who no like better thing? If your grandpa or even your father is getting old in swag, won't you flaunt him? I proudly doff my cap for this man, Red and all the swaglicious aging men in the world. Get your style inspiration here. 

Mr Steal Your Grandma_Irvin Randle 4 Mr Steal Your Grandma_Irvin Randle 3 Mr Steal Your Grandma_Irvin Randle 5
Mr Steal Your Grandma_Irvin Randle 2
In case you find this man or his grand kids,  please don't fail to let us know his name, and marital status.  

Bye guys. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jasmine Howson-Wright: Things Life Has Taught Me

PhotoGrid_1417054093139Anyone noticed that we have gotten so used to the perception of life as a  ‘race’ (competition)? We’ve become accustomed  to a continuous struggle life – being in hustle mode, doing right by life. Winning!
We consciously disconnect from the truth of life as a journey also, measured by the lessons learnt and experience gotten, so we are more often unable to appreciate and understand in depth – Growth!
We constantly think we have to win, succeed, make money, be perfect and look perfect (at all cost), so we devalue the little things we experience that made us grow (mature) and make us genuinely happy in life most of which we needed not struggle for; those real life lessons.
Don’t get me wrong, we will work, we will have to hustle and that is because in these times, in order to get out of life you most certainly will work for, at or towards it.
That said, this conscious and never ending struggle permits us too often to forget that real life (the one characterized by the reality of being able to breathe and possible consciousness of everything around), is not always about work and who’s winning.
So! This is my august “Note to life”  – feedback on some of the lessons it taught that I have  better understanding of and appreciate more; and, since I am a confirmed nice individual (*bats eyelashes*) I will share *wink*.
If there’s one thing I am grateful that my experience in life taught me, it is that you will not exit life the way you entered it so, never get too comfortable.
This for me is a golden lesson.
I came into life (a fine bouncing baby girl that I was, loll) with everyone of my family well intact and receptive of this new introduction to the family. My dad, mum (nuclear family), aunts uncles, granddad and most of every other extended branch to my family tree. Now I’m still very much alive (of course! I’m writing this, thank God) but a lot of that list has indeed been cut short, quite short I must say. I also came in weighing what? Less than 7.5 pounds (much less actually) and right about now I am stylishly swaying to 63 kg (heavy bones I tell you!) and yet, the journey is still in progress.
Most other people are born with a silver spoon or gold fork yet exit with nothing to their names while some others are born with plastic/disposable cutlery or none at all and exit with solid investments others benefit from while they are gone. So many examples in line but only one lesson all together – NEVER GET TOO COMFORTABLE!- Take notes, try different things/approaches, fall and get up, mourn and encourage, love and allow yourself be loved, keep walking forward in the journey, don’t assume it was and will always be same. Do not get comfortable.
I learnt and humbly too, that there are no favorites with life and total dependence on God is paramount.
Ever had those peers or friends that you most certainly were more intelligent, creative, skilled, beautiful, composed or eloquent than, yet in the reality of life they are in the better jobs, most exposed, married, cruising the latest rides or just now the ones you take orders from a.k.a  your Boss. Yep! That is life, no favorites whatsoever.
In my life’s journey though, some peers are on the more advantaged side than I am, while in some others reality I might be more advantaged. Everyone has a specific route/lane with its unique characteristics and since life does no exchanges, no swaps, no borrowing from another or what not, mine always falls back to God. Life has no favorites yes, but I have learnt to stay ready with God, so this life lesson which should encourage tension and increase ones voltage of detrimental hustle and struggle, always has me chilling on God like – “Papa, we still dey on call o” and He never fails.
Life has taught me that family is where one is accepted for who they are and family comes first!
By life’s personal lessons and experiences I have witnessed, family is not limited to ‘who born you’, but who accepts you and wills to make you better. Some are fortunate to have this as a complete package from their biological parents (Bless God), while for some others this concept of family literally happens to them. I, however, was privileged to be born into and still acquired “Family” but the underlying lesson is that once identified, your family must come first.
Ever so often you see events or hear tales of betrayal against families for reasons that beat the imagination. Issues relating to men and women (dating), money, fame, confusion or just plain old pride have seconded or trumped (no pun intended), valuable family relationships. The irony of this is, when the games are over and all is exposed, family is the only team that accepts you, not because you are perfect or did them no wrong, but because they never even in the heat, rejected you, but we were to blind and carried away to see it. Never push real family aside, because reality is every other person comes for a purpose and leaves, families purpose is to be there.
Marriage is not the destination and being the spouse is not wining; the journey only just transcends and the uniform upgraded.
This is a sound and smart warning by life, one which holds much truth too and although seemingly futuristic (for other singles and I) in its approach, the experiences are so real; calling it anything short of a life lesson would be blatant denial.
By popular demand, marriage is the ‘next big thing’ and being the Mr or the Mrs has become the title to win but we need to get the memo! -Phase two just begins and the real trophy is the relationship between both couples.
Marriage should be a summation of two – two opinions, two characters, two emotions, two prayers, two supporters, two lovers, both strengths and even weakness. It can never be a destination, please who is resting? Each personal journey just accommodated another, meaning double trouble too. It can be a complicated journey without God and a failed one without placing value on the relationship rather than the prefix of a “Mr.” or “Mrs.”
I understand more profoundly everyday that the relationship leading to a marriage should be guarded and protected with and in love. The relationship is what leads to a marriage and is what exists after a wedding (if that isn’t awakening enough then there is a problem). From talks with married friends and the occasional online confessions i see, life subtly sounds a warning that the treasure is in solidifying the connection between both individuals and seeing marriage in itself for what it is- a comma and not a full-stop.
It is needful to remember to live. To remember life happened and still is happening. I mean common, not every time hustle; sometime relax, reflect and learn from your life too. Right?
Do share what valuable lessons life has taught you through personal or other experiences. I guess we all have our notes to life too *wink*


Disclaimer oh i did not write this,  a Facebook source did.

Imo men.....Ndi Alabanko

In Imo state there are good, bad and ugly people.
Imo men sees themselves as the wisest creature in the world. They are lousy and flirtatious in nature(ife di na ukwu na amasi ha). An average Imo man have 3 girlfriends(they cheat relationship).

They are the shortest and the most wicked of men you can find in all the eastern States.

They no take eye see anything in skirt. When an mo man fails as a person instead of getting up, dust himself and move on and continue to pursue his dreams, he will give up, get frustrated and heap the blame on his successful brother or anyone close by that is more successful than him. He will tell you that you are his problem. An imo man will never like to see you succeed will always like to be the sucessful one. They are very stingy.40% of Imo men bleaches their skin(Ndi ilu fanta okpa coke). They are always neat but their armpits smells like fermented locust bean(ogirigbo).

For businessmen and women that will like to partner with an Imo man be smart o. They are expert in fraud.419 originated in imo state. Their tongues posses charms that will make you agree to everything they say without opposing(ekwute ekwe). If you put an imo man in charge of your company have in mind that he's the owner of the company and you are 'Nwa boy' how the Imo man will do it i don't know but before you know it he has taken over your company. He will use the company as a front for the real thing they are known FOR (ife di na ukwu). He will like to sleep with all the ladies and married women that apply for work in that company before giving them job.

They are fetish especially Arondizuogu folks(umunne perikoma) .Some imo men are into secret cults. It is said that when a snake and imo man comes to your house that you should kill an Imo man and spare the snake that they are more dangerous than snake (mbaise folks). Some of them are into stealing,robbery, kidnapping and snatching new born BABIES (mbaise and owerri folks)

Girls dating, you may date or marry Imo men just know that an average Imo man have this mentality of wanting to taste different types of soup(cunt).

Finally Imo men do not like visiting their village for fear of Ndi okpu red (Red cap chief) due to juju related issue. If you ask him why he didn't go home for xmas he will reply that Ala bu Otu.

Imo girls loading....



Honestly,  some research I think there are basic Ankara crafts that we all may be missing. Just pay attention and watch everyone thrill from your stylish awesomeness. 


Touching and pricing this piece is usually heartbreaking for me; year. Instead of breaking a bank just to look great at the beach should not bother you.  Here is the real deal,  your Ankara Jacket or Kimono is way classier and better to slay.  Remember you may just be the only rocking this piece. 

Imagine this is a hangout, party or at the mall. 

The Bead

You know the Ankara beads is usually groundbreaking and really obvious in sight.  It doesn't take just anyone to rock this; you say you are creaking and fashion forward? Show me your Ankara statement bead. 


Whenever I think of this head wraps, I think of South Africa and Munich Abia; this damsel has officially made it her signature look. Remember the Ankara head wrap can work with just any clothe you wear, even a dinner gown. 

The Boss Skirt

Okay ladies, this skirt comes in a variety method but it is just something you must love to have.  Check out the different designs and pick a style. 

The Simple Girly Wear

You want to feel your chick self? Rock this Girly Ankara trend. 

Extra Creativeness

You just have to be extra creative sometimes if you are really fashion forward. Who could have imagine that a mind could produce this. 


You just should have an Ankara Jumpsuit babe! For real. 

Beach Wear

You obviously may not have this but it's class in the beach.  Try one just for the sake of Ankara. 

The stylist tops

Get awesome Ankara tops now.  Be really fashionable requires this in your creative wardrobe.

The Jumper/Baggy Trousers

You need this now for Sundays,  Friday workdays and probably Church. It goes with just anything. 

Smart Wears

Even if you want to rock your smart footwear, you don't have to do that with just Jean and Cotton wears. New findings has opined that you look way smarter in a simple casual Ankara outfit. 

The Tulle Game

Next time time you want to try a Tulle game, mix it with an Ankara. 

Hope this post makes it to your heart.  Bye. 
Photo Credits: Stylevitae, MaryJea,  Facebook, google. 

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