Monday, May 29, 2017

Best of Wedding Guest Inspirations for the Weekend

I have been a little down, hence my not updating the blog for a week now, I missed you all. 
The wedding game is tight and so we have to be tight with it. This post is a lovely collection of great style inspiration for the Babes Dem. 
Get inspired and never restrict yourself from the fashion fun, be colourful, be seen, be dynamic, be Chicky, be bossy, be elegant. 

Image Credits: Instagram 

Saturday, May 13, 2017


You see, there are quite a number of big girls that are just too good in the clique but people will always not understand us. Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken; if you actually stick to rules always, everything becomes boring. 

Are you a good girl going for a formal event? I don't mean wedding and dinner party -  I mean real corporate meetings and you are really not in the mood to be too official and you also not want to be seen as a bad girl right? This Post is absolutely for you. 

Just as a corporate body won't like too colourful outfits and revealing clothing, you can make do with jackets and really good covered shoes. This inspiration is one in a million, you absolutely will love it when considering to break this corporate strict dress code. 

Nobody will question you except for the colours and you can obviously reply, oh! Am sorry about the colour

You know na

Board meetings. Oh! Sorry, I really was in a hurry I couldn't go back to change

I really wanted to look different 

Don't stare cos I will stare back at you

I thought you said the dress code is Ankara, so? 

I thought there is suppose to be a tea party 

Am coming from a wedding 

Just find a blazer 

OH! My headtie? 

Just hold the blazers 

Hold the blazers too

From a wedding of course, I thought the meeting was cancelled 

I really don't care about what anyone has to say

If you have any objections to the outfits above, you can share by commenting down here. 

Image Credits: Instagram 

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