Thursday, January 18, 2018

Woman Kills Husband in Shanghai for Cheating on her with a Sex Toy

The Chinese municipal city is in disarray as hell was let loose when a citizen named Chu had killed her husband over infidelity.  The Police had arrested her for murder but what kept every one baffled was that they had just gotten back from Yu Garden some weeks ago before Chu went for a business trip. It was later gathered that Yong only bought a sex toy to keep body and soul together until his wife returns. 

People are startled and surprised to think that she over reacted just because of a sex toy and will now have to face the prison wall while their six year old son will have to live without parental guidance. 

This story you just read did not happen,  please don't use 800, 000 to buy a sex toy, use it for traditional marriage ceremony, after all people will still contribute. Marry your girlfriend and let us pray for you on top. Our economy is hard, I can't imagine you buying sex toy when am this broke.  On behalf of my fellow naija babies,  please be warned and give your life to Christ. 

Culled from Nenye's senses. 

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